The transient process is designed to allow students to take a course at the community or state college, solely based on its equivalency to UCF courses. Undergraduate Student Services facilitates the transient verification process. Students should meet with USS if they plan to take course(s) elsewhere.
Students should note that there is additional UCF Student Financial Assistance paperwork required when taking courses transient. Students are also responsible for any additional deadlines, applications, or fee payment to the transient institution.

Transient Instructions & Policy

Follow the steps and review the information outlined here.

Tips & Reminders

  • Students must submit the transient request prior to registering at the other institution
  • Be advised it takes several business days for the form to be processed
  • During peak times, especially at the beginning of the term and during registration, forms may take even longer to process
  • Students must contact the other institution to complete the registration process for the course(s) approved to take
  • Once students complete the course(s), the official transcript must be sent to UCF Registrar’s Office

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