Mission Statement

In keeping with UCF’s mission, the College of Health and Public Affairs recognizes that education is more than the classroom experience. Another component is academic advising, an educational process that begins at the University’s orientation and continues at advising sessions to help students clarify their life goal and reach their maximum educational potential. Through academic advising, the College provides guidance, information, and assistance to students. The College of Health and Public Affairs also ensures that each student makes the best possible use of the resources, programs, and services UCF has to offer.

Staff Members

Mary Rente

Assistant Director:
Layla Archer

Academic Advisors:
Amber Flowers
Jessica Mays
Gail Raymond

Peer Advisors:
Laura Ballesteros
Mena Zakhari
Amy Willsey
Rebecca Rivero
Lauren Ketchie

Coordinator-Space Utilization and Analysis:
Dan Oberbeck

Office Manager:
Shirley Jeffrey

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