Some majors in the College of Health and Public Affairs require a separate application and course prerequisites in order to be admitted. Students usually enter these limited-access majors during their junior year. Students seeking admission into one of these majors are encouraged to meet with USS at least once per semester to ensure proper academic progress. It is important that students remain on-track in meeting major requirements to make certain they are eligible to apply to these majors.

Athletic Training: Bachelor of Science
The athletic training degree includes the study of health, anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and nutrition. Students gain clinical experience under the direction of a certified athletic trainer at sites affiliated with the university, including high schools, colleges, universities, sports medicine clinics and professional athletic organizations. Athletic trainers are health professionals trained in prevention, evaluation, immediate care, and rehabilitation of injuries to athletes and physically active persons. This program will transition to the master’s level in 2019-2020. The last admission application cycle for the undergraduate degree is March 2018. Visit here for more information, and/or meet with USS.

Health Informatics and Information Management: Bachelor of Science
The health informatics and information management degree provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage information systems in a variety of health care settings. Students spend time in local health care facilities, gaining hands-on experience in jobs performed in a health information department.

Social Work: Bachelor of Social Work
The social work program prepares students for entry-level professional social work practice within diverse human service organizations, such as hospitals, schools, correctional settings, public welfare departments, child placement organizations, community centers and counseling agencies.

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