ReuKnighted: COHPA Brings Longtime Friends Back Together

 In Criminal Justice
Bob Bull and Ed Wycoff
Bob Bull and Ed Wycoff share a laugh about growing up in Orlando.

Edgar Wycoff, professor emeritus of the Nicholson School of Communication, and Robert Bull, retired major for the Florida Highway Patrol, have been friends ever since they met in the ‘50s at an ice cream shop in downtown Orlando. They would occasionally get into “shenanigans,” Wycoff said, smiling.

They attended rival high schools and had different career paths, but they have maintained their friendship for more than 60 years. And recently, on a trip through Central Florida with his wife, Nancy, Bull and Wycoff, along with his wife, Pat, reunited.

Bull is the estate representative of Lawrence Gerrell, a retired FHP trooper and UCF alumnus who died in 2014. Gerrell ’76 provided for the Department of Criminal Justice in his estate plans, and Bull was invited to the campus to learn how his friend’s generosity would benefit future students.

When Gerrell attended UCF, there were approximately 100 students in the entire criminal justice program. Now, the program is one of COHPA’s largest, with more than 1,000 students enrolled in its undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Bulls and the Wycoffs were joined by Rodger Carpenter ’06 ’11 of FHP; Deb Woodward, Ed.D., ’74 ’88 ’98, formerly of FHP and currently an associate instructor for criminal justice; and Catherine Kaukinen, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Criminal Justice.

By Camille Murawski ’98

Criminal justice alumnus Rodger Carpenter and Bob Bull
Bob Bull and Dr. Katie Kaukinen, chair of the Department of Criminal Justice
Bob Bull and Dr. Deb Woodward, former FHP Trooper and associate instructor for the Department of Criminal Justice
Nancy and Bob Bull with their longtime friends Ed and Pat Wycoff

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