Gurupur’s Research: At the Intersection of IT, Health Care and Big Data

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UCF Professor Shares His Experience with the Intersection of Information Systems, Healthcare Delivery, and Big Data

by Deborah Beckwin, UCF Technology Transfer

Varadraj Varadraj “Raj” Gurupur, Ph.D., assistant professor in Health Management and Informatics in the College of Health and Public Affairs, grew up in India desiring to be an innovator. As a teenager, Gurupur (right) was a voracious reader, learning about famous scientists such as Albert Einstein and Michael Faraday.

“I wanted to be someone who develops new things,” Gurupur said.

He wasn’t sure in what field he’d pursue as an innovator, but when it came time for him to go to college and choose a field of study, the turn of the millennium was a big deciding factor.

“I ended up choosing computer science because at that time that field was growing, during the late ’90s in the Y2K era,” he reflected.

Gurupur received his undergraduate degree in computer science and engineering in 2002 from Manipal Institute of Technology, a highly ranked engineering school in India. He then came to the United States to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) where he received his Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences in 2005 and his doctorate in Computer Engineering five years later. From there, Gurupur remained in the South taking assistant professor positions at Texas A&M University-Commerce, and later at Louisiana Tech University.

In the fall of 2014, Gurupur joined UCF. He shared what drew him here. Read the full article

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Gurupur and a physician partnered to develop the Dementia and Delirium Analysis Research Tool to detect early dementia.

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