Fiske Boulevard Neighborhood Study

Students from the 2017-2018 M.S. URP Planning Studio conducted an assessment of the current conditions, summarized resident input during the planning process, and outlined recommended improvements for community engagement for the Fiske Boulevard Neighborhood in the City of Cocoa, Florida.

Planning for Healthy Communities

This report presents the results of four studies that apply Health Impact Assessments to inform local planning and policy decisions.

Kaley Square Neighborhood Plan

This neighborhood plan outlines strategies and recommendations for community-based initiatives to revitalize and retrofit the area within and surrounding Kaley Square in the Holden Heights neighborhood of Orlando.

2016-2017 M.S.URP Studio: City of Casselberry Healthy Community Plan

Students in the 2016-2017 MSURP Planning Studio conducted an analysis of community health indicators, implemented a community survey, evaluated parks and recreation facilities, and proposed creative solutions and policies that will provide greater opportunities for residents to live a healthy lifestyle.

Pine Hills Site Analysis and Recommendations Report

In this report students conducted a site analysis and applied urban design strategies to produce a set of recommendations aimed at improving walkability and connectivity in the Downtown of the Pine Hills neighborhood.

2015-16 M.S.-URP Studio: City of Wildwood Parks and Recreation Plan

The 2015-16 M.S.-URP Studio prepared a plan for improving the physical layout and connectivity of Wildwood’s recreational facilities and developed concept plans for the redevelopment of Millenium Park, Martin Luther King Jr. Park and Oxford Park. Data was collected through an extensive community engagement and planning process.

“Beating Blight”: Strategies for Neighborhood Revitalization and Redevelopment

This report was prepared for Orange County Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization Division. It describes the origins and manifestations of urban blight and describes neighborhood levels strategies that can be implemented to address community disinvestment and spur revitalization.

2014-15 M.S.-URP Studio: Parramore Neighborhood Small Area Plan and Transit-Oriented Development Feasibility Study

The 2014-15 M.S.-URP Studio analyzed land uses and transportation systems, and developed concept plans for the development of a TOD, within the Parramore neighborhood of the City of Orlando, Florida.

The Parramore Heritage Community in Orlando, Florida The Impact of Traffic‐Related Pollution on Asthma Rates

UCF students in the Planning Healthy Communities course conducted a Health Impact Assessment for the Parramore community to determine the impact of traffic‐related pollution on the asthma rates of residents. They provided recommendations based on HIA theory to the City of Orlando in May 2014.

OCPS Road Safety Unit’s Analysis of Pedestrian Infrastructure of Elementary Schools

The Orange County Public Schools Road Safety Audit presents the results of an analysis of the pedestrian infrastructure within a 2 mile radius around four elementary schools in Orange County, Florida. The report identifies locations where there are pedestrian safety concerns and provides recommendations for improvement.

Town of Lake Helen, Florida, Vision Plan

The City of Lake Helen Vision Plan represents the culmination of a nine month planning process conducted by the 2014 Studio.  The plan is intended to improve the prospects of private investment along three downtown redevelopment corridors.

The Economic Impacts of Successful Orange County Commercial Fire Interventions

In partnership with Orange County Fire Rescue Department and the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, this report presents the results of a regional economic impacts analysis of OCFRD commercial fire interventions during FY 2013.

2013 Planning Studio: Town of Windermere, Florida, Strategic Civic Land Use Planning Report

The 2013 MSURP Studio provided analyses and recommended actions related to improving the functionality, public access, feasibility of policy and resource allocation alternatives, implementation mechanisms, and long-term investments in open space, parks, and recreation facilities for the Town of Windermere.

Town of Inglis, Florida, Economic Development Plan

This study is intended to highlight approaches and strategies of economic development the Town of Inglis may wish to consider Implementing in order to achieve its community goals. Specifically, what complimentary approaches towards economic development should the town consider?

Winter Springs, Florida, Development Strategies Report

The purpose of this study is two-fold. First, this study is intended to highlight approaches and strategies of economic development the City of Winter Springs may wish to consider in working towards achieving its community goals.