Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning

Build your career with a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from the School of Public Administration. Our degree emphasizes sustainability and socially responsible planning, and provides students with a wealth of hands-on experience.

Program Highlights
• 48 credit hours
• Online and face-to-face classes
• Evening classes
• Can be completed within three years
• Gain hands-on experience through the M.S.URP Studio

Program Director
Christopher Hawkins
Associate Professor

The M.S.URP requires 48 credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree, including the nine core courses  and two capstone courses listed below. Students are also required to take 15 credit hours of electives. The curriculum focuses on areas such as environmental planning, transportation planning, and planning for healthy communities.

Classes are offered both online and face-to-face. Face-to-face classes are offered in the evenings, for the convenience of working students. Through the M.S.URP Studio, which is offered as the capstone, experience, students will work with a local city to develop an applied planning project. For more information on the curriculum, visit the UCF Graduate Catalog.

PAD 5336: Introduction to Urban Design

This course covers the issues of urbanization, regional development, land use and comprehensive planning, environmental planning, and social planning.
Offered in fall

PAD 5337: Urban Design

This course covers planning techniques such as planned unit developments, capital improvements planning, and growth management, and planning methods, including needs assessment and graphic design.
Offered in fall

PAD 5338: Land Use and Planning Law

Students will review national and local aspects of the legal underpinnings of urban planning aspects such as zoning, growth management, and environmental regulation.
Offered in spring

PAD 5356: Managing Community and Economic Development

This course provides an overview of economic development activities focusing on policy and managerial issues at the local level.
Offered in spring

PAD 6316: Planning Methods

This class covers data collection, analytical methods and techniques of report presentation for population and economic analysis.
Offered in fall

PAD 6353: Environmental Planning and Policy

This courses covers the underlying concepts, approaches and critical issues in the field of environmental planning and management.
Offered in spring

PAD 6387: Transportation Policy

This courses provides and examination of the process of public policy formulation and implementation in the field of transportation.
Offered occasionally

PAD 6825: Cross-Sectoral Governance

This course examines the structures, dynamics and processes associated with developing and delivering public services through networks and partnerships involving public, nonprofit, voluntary and private sectors.
Offered occasionally

PAD 6847: Planning Healthy Communities

This class addresses the impact of community design on health and provision of health care to the population.
Offered in spring

IDS 6953: Urban and Regional Planning Capstone I

This capstone course synthesizes previous planning coursework through the development of a service learning project proposal.
Prerequisites: PAD 5336, PAD 5337, PAD 5338, PAD 5356, PAD 6316, PAD 6353, PAD 6387, PAD 6825, PAD 6847
Offered in fall

IDS 6954: Urban and Regional Planning Capstone II

This capstone course implements the service learning project proposal where students collect and analyze data and make planning recommendations.
Prerequisites: IDS 6953
Offered in spring

Admissions and Advising
Prospective students seeking enrollment in the Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning should submit the following for consideration:

  • An official, sealed transcript of each college or university attended, showing a GPA of 2.5 or better
  • A current resume
  • Three letters of recommendation from former professors or supervisors.
  • A goal statement, no longer than two pages, addressing the following:
    • What is your reason for pursuing this certificate and how does it fit into your future goals and plans?
    • What specific areas of urban planning interest you?
    • What previous work experience do you have in the field?

The deadline to apply for fall admission is June 15 while the deadline to apply for spring admission is Nov. 1. For more information on admissions, please contact our graduate advisor, Nasrin Lakhani.