School Welcomes Three New Faculty Members

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The School of Public Administration has the largest faculty of any public administration department in the State University System, and it continues to grow.

Read on to learn about our three new faculty members — Abdul-Akeem Sadiq, Kelly Stevens and Angela White-Jones — who have joined the SPA team this fall.

Abdul-Akeem Sadiq

Abdul-Akeem Sadiq is an associate professor who joins UCF from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. His research focuses on organizational disaster preparedness and mitigation, risk perceptions of manmade and natural hazards, community resilience to floods and collaborative governance.

Sadiq is widely published in journals such as Public Administration Review, Natural Hazards, American Review of Public Administration and Volunteer Sector Quarterly.

Kelly Stevens

Kelly Stevens is an assistant professor in the Renewable, Intelligent and Sustainable Energy Systems research cluster initiative. Prior to joining UCF, Stevens completed her Ph.D. at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, and was a visiting students at Carnegie Mellon University.

Stevens’ research areas include energy and environmental policy, science and technology policy, and environmental management. She first became interested in energy and environmental issues while pursuing her graduate degree at Florida State University. While in Tallahassee, she worked as a meteorologist for the Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Air Resource Management for five years.

Angela White-Jones

Angela White-Jones is an associate lecturer and the new director of the research administration program. This is a homecoming of sorts for White-Jones, as she used to work at UCF as a research associate. She is also an alumna of the College of Health and Public Affairs’ doctoral program in public affairs.

White-Jones previously worked for Quest Inc., which provides resources to individuals with disabilities, as the senior director for grants and government affairs.

By Marisa Ramiccio