The rich and dynamic history of the School of Public Administration is a hallmark of the school’s faculty, staff and leaders, who were all dedicated to pushing public administration education at UCF to new heights. Check out our timeline below to view facts, pictures and videos that depict the school’s 40-year history.

Shaping the Future: A History of the School’s Leaders
If there’s one thing that all of the school’s leaders have had since the very beginning, it’s a shared vision of what the unit could become — a premier institution of quality education for tomorrow’s public service leaders. Each chair or director has strived to expand the school’s educational programs, to foster a collegial environment for both students and faculty, and to achieve new heights of success. To honor our former leaders, we’ve collected the perspectives of three of our past chairs and directors on shaping the school’s history. To read the interviews, click on one of the pictures below.

Wendell Lawther

Tom Liou

Mary Ann Feldheim