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Quotes from Alumni

“This [program} exposes you to the full depth and breadth of what research administration is-from contracts, grants and compliance to federal and state — as well as technology transfer, intellectual property and all the sundry of parts that go with a multi-million dollar research organization.”  — John Miner, ’13

“My MRA took me from having a sense of know-how to being knowledgeable. I am able to provide better evidence of practice and compliance, vet grant funding opportunities with a critical lens, and administer public resources responsibly… my graduate degree in research administration promoted my skills and confidence.”  — Tamara Shoup, ’14

The MRA program is a comprehensive program that covers all areas of research administration. The program teaches research administrators how to operate in academic institutions, the nonprofit arena, medical centers/hospitals and the industry itself. Moreover, the program places research administrators into the role of the researcher. My knowledge base has expanded and my knowledge, skills and abilities have increased due to the MRA program. — April Heyward, ’13


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