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Alumni Spotlight: April Heyward, ’13
April Heyward isn’t just an alumna of the research administration program — she’s also an integral part of its history. Heyward was one of the first students who graduated from the program in 2013. Now, she’s using her experience to shape the program’s future as a member of the research administration advisory board. In honor of National Research Administrator Day, Heyward shared her thoughts on her career, her education, and her time spent at UCF.

Alumni Achievement Award Winners

Andrea Adkins, 2017

Andrea Adkins, ’93, ’13, is an assistant director at the UCF Office of Research and Commercialization.

Winona Ward, 2016

Winona Ward, ’15, is the director of research at the University of California, San Francisco.

Tammie McClellan, 2015

Tammie McClellan, ’13, is the program director for the UCF Department of Information Systems Technology.

April Heyward, 2014

April Heyward, ’13, is the program manager for nonprofit EPSCoR/IDeA in South Carolina.