Program Chair

Naim Kapucu

Professor & Director, School of Public Administration, Director
Public Administration, Center for Public and Nonprofit Management

Phone: 407-823-6096
Location: HPA II Room: 238M

Full Time Faculty

Thomas Bryer

Professor, Project Chief Researcher, Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), Visiting Professor, Institute for Public Policy and Professional Practice, Edge Hill University (United Kingdom), Fulbright Specialist
Public Administration, Doctoral Program in Public Affairs
Phone: 407-823-0410
Location: Barbara Ying Center Room: 101L

Qian Hu

Associate Professor
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-3340
Location: HPA II Room: 238G

Sarah Larson

Assistant Professor in Public Budgeting and Finance
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-2604
Location: Barbara Ying Center Room: CMMS 101A

Kuotsai Tom Liou

Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-2454
Location: HPA II Room: 240

David Mitchell

Assistant Professor
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-5365
Location: HPA II Room: 239