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Academic Calendar
UCF’s academic calendar, complete with deadline dates, holidays and special-event notices

Graduate Catalog
UCF’s online graduate catalog with complete and up-to-date requirements for master’s, doctoral and graduate certificate programs

Online Learning
If you’re taking a UCF web course for the first time, UCF offers this outstanding tutorial to answer your questions about WebCT and learning online. Take time to review this tutorial — it will ease your transition into online learning.

Public Services
Tired of looking on monstrous job sites with thousands of generic jobs?  This new nationwide public and nonprofit sector job site has just been launched for you!

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Includes a list and explanation of fees

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UCF’s online undergraduate catalog with complete and up-to-date requirements for majors, minors and undergraduate certificate programs

Other Resources recently launched our “Public Safety & Service Career Guides” that provide career path, internship, scholarship, and other related educational information for some of the most popular and lesser known public safety careers.   Even with the vast number of career sites on the internet, it can be quite difficult for those seeing a career in public service and safety to find accurate a relevant information related to these career paths.  These resources are always free and we continue to keep the site non-commercial and non-for-profit.   See the guides below: