Master of Emergency and Crisis Management

The frequency of both natural and manmade disasters has increased dramatically over the past two decades. This, in turn, has increased the need for emergency managers who can help their communities prepare for, mitigate, respond to and recover from these types of disasters.

At the graduate level, the UCF School of Public Administration offers a Master of Emergency and Crisis Management that is designed to prepare students as highly trained practitioners in the field.

Program Highlights
• Can be completed entirely online
• Can be completed within two years
• Cohort model
• Curriculum includes FEMA’s Professional Development Series

Program Director
Claire Connolly Knox
Associate Professor

The MECM requires 36 credit hours for completion. FEMA’s Professional Development Series, a group of independent study courses that provide foundational knowledge of emergency management, is incorporated into the curriculum. The following courses are required to earn the degree. For more information, please view the UCF Graduate Catalog.

PAD 6399: Foundations of Emergency Management and Homeland Security

This course is a foundation course that provides an overview of homeland security and emergency management.
Offered occasionally.

PAD 6825: Cross-Sectoral Governance

This course examines the structures, dynamics, and processes associated with developing and delivering public services through networks and partnerships involving public, nonprofit, voluntary, and private sectors.
Offered occasionally.

PAD 6700: Research Methods for Public Administration

This course provides a foundation in the theory and practice of applied research methodology in public policy and administration.
Offered in fall and spring.

PAD 6397: Managing Emergencies and Crises

This course identifies, examines, and integrates the issues of diverse emergency and crisis management, disaster recovery, and continuity of operations.
Offered occasionally.

PAD 6705: Public Sector Communications

The focus of this course is on how government and nonprofit agencies craft stories about themselves and tell their stories through various communications channels.
Offered in spring.

PAD 6207: Public Financial Management

Survey of financial management functions in local government, such as accounting, fund structures, debt and case management, and financial reporting.
Pre-requisites: PAD 6227 and PAD 6700
Offered in fall and spring.

PAD 6938: Hazard Analysis and Disaster Planning

This course examines the geo‐spatial aspects of hazards analysis and planning with specific reference to disaster preparedness, recovery, mitigation, and resilience.

PAD 6439: Leadership in Public Service

This course focuses on leadership in public service from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Students will have opportunities to explore their strengths and weaknesses as managerial leaders and to develop competencies in these areas.
Offered in fall.

PAD 6946: Internship

Supervised internship for students in the emergency management program. Requires a minimum of 300 hours service in an emergency management organization.
Offered in fall, spring and summer.

Capstone: Advanced Concepts and Applications in Emergency and Crisis Management

This capstone course brings together areas of knowledge and skills gained through the Master of Emergency and Crisis Management program and applies them, in an integrative manner, to the most current challenges facing emergency managers.
Pre-requisite: Must be a senior to take this course.
Offered in spring.

Admissions and Advising
Beyond UCF’s admission standards, students are required to submit the following for admission to the MECM:

  • Undergraduate transcripts
  • Graduate transcripts (if another graduate degree in a related field has been completed)
  • Resume
  • Statement of interest
  • Three letters of recommendation from professors or professional colleagues

For more information on admission to UCF, visit UCF Graduate Admissions. For specific questions regarding SPA’s admission requirements, please contact our graduate advisor, Nasrin Lakhani.