Some students may be required to complete a service learning project as part of a class while others may choose to pursue a service learning project to gain additional experience.

Service Learning for Students

How do I find service learning opportunities? 

Some classes have service learning built into the curriculum, including:

  • Volunteerism in Nonprofit Management
  • Grant and Contract Management
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Program Evaluation

If you would like to pursue a service learning project outside of the classroom, contact our experiential learning coordinator, Mirtha Bailey.

How do I sign up for a service learning project? 

If you have been assigned a service learning project for a class, please fill out the digital form below. Once you have completed the digital form, please print out the paper form and complete it. Then turn it in to Mirtha Bailey via email or in person at HPA II, Room 241. You must complete both the digital form and the paper form.

You will receive a copy of this form as will your instructor and the agency.