Experiential learning means in short, learning form experience or learning by doing. This form of teaching method allows students to apply theory acquired in the classroom into practice in the field. Students gain a deeper educational experience through reflection, debriefing and feedback which fosters the development of new skills and new perspectives. Students create tangible deliverables for organizations while simultaneously using those documents to enhance their professional portfolios and use in interviews on the job market.

Experiential learning within the School of Public Administration provides an opportunity for students to work with community partners by collecting and compiling data and producing quality products that will be beneficial to nonprofit organizations.

Students have been involved in the following projects:

  • Volunteer program evaluation
  • Strategic planning
  • Grant proposals
  • Nonprofit administration case study
  • Nonprofit program evaluation
  • Capstone

What can community partners expect from working with students?

  • Projects will address a community and organizational need
  • Faculty members will collaborate with an agency representative and with students
  • Each student will complete at least 15 hours of work
  • The final product will be high-quality and reviewed by at least one faculty member

What are the benefits of becoming a community partner with UCF?

For public and nonprofit organizations:

  • Provides infusion of people power
  • Meets client/agency needs
  • Accesses university resources
  • Explores new ideas and generates energy
  • Reinvigorates supervisors/staff

What are the benefits of becoming a community partner with UCF?

  • PAD 5145 Volunteerism in NP Management
  • PAD 5850 Grant and Contract Management
  • PAD 6335 Strategic Planning and Management
  • PAD 6417 Human Resource Management
  • PAD 6327 Public Program Evaluation

For inquiries and further information about placement and project coordination please contact the Experiential Learning Coordinator Mirtha.Bailey@ucf.edu

If you are interested in becoming a Service Learning partner, please submit our Service Learning Request Form