Academic Calendar
UCF’s academic calendar, complete with deadline dates, holidays and special-event notices

Graduate Catalog
UCF’s online graduate catalog with complete and up-to-date requirements for master’s, doctoral and graduate certificate programs

Online Learning
If you’re taking a UCF web course for the first time, UCF offers this outstanding tutorial to answer your questions about WebCT and learning online. Take time to review this tutorial — it will ease your transition into online learning.

Public Services
Tired of looking on monstrous job sites with thousands of generic jobs?  This new nationwide public and nonprofit sector job site has just been launched for you!

Tuition and Fees
Includes a list and explanation of fees

Undergraduate Catalog
UCF’s online undergraduate catalog with complete and up-to-date requirements for majors, minors and undergraduate certificate programs

FEMA Emergency Management Institute Online
Offers students access to completely free FEMA Independent Study courses. These courses can be used to further a student’s knowledge in a wide range of topics and greatly enhance a student’s resume.

FEMA Professional Development Series
Part of the Emergency Management Institute, this allows students to take advanced online Independent Study courses and awards a professional certification upon completion. This is recommended for all students interested in pursuing a career in Emergency Management. These courses are also completely free.

Sert Trac
Sert Trac is run by the Florida Division of Emergency Management and offers two supportive features. First, it allows students to create a profile and then upload and track all of their trainings, Independent Study classes, and certifications.  Second, it allows students to apply for free advanced trainings that are offered throughout the state. Disclaimer: Trainings require prerequisite online courses, and may require some in class prerequisite trainings.

IAEM Website
The International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) website offers multiple resources for students. It outlines events and conferences that are taking place all over the world along with keeping students up to date with current topics in Emergency Management. The website also allows students to access a jobs board which has job and internship postings for organizations all over the world.

Governor’s Hurricane Conference
The Governor’s Hurricane Conference (GHC) is held yearly and focuses on all aspects of Emergency Management in relation to hurricanes. It offers hundreds of hours of trainings and workshops open to students who attend. The GHC website includes scholarship information that any student may apply for and contains further registration information. The 2014 Governor’s Hurricane Conference will be held in Orlando on May 11 through May 16!

Florida Emergency Preparedness Association
The Florida Emergency Preparedness Association (FEPA) is an organization that brings together individuals in the Emergency Management field from all over Florida. FEPA offers professional memberships, including a student membership at a discounted rate. FEPA is a great way to stay informed about current events and discussions within the field and will inform students of conferences as well as networking events.

ASPA’s Section on Emergency and Crisis Management
The American Society for Public Administration is an excellent resource for all students interested in staying involved with various disciplines within the field. Joining this organization will give you access to current topics, job openings, and conferences. Joining also gives a student access to the various chapters and sections, including the Section on Emergency and Crisis Management. This section has up to date Emergency Management topics and issues, and publishes a newsletter. recently launched our “Public Safety & Service Career Guides” that provide career path, internship, scholarship, and other related educational information for some of the most popular and lesser known public safety careers.   Even with the vast number of career sites on the internet, it can be quite difficult for those seeing a career in public service and safety to find accurate a relevant information related to these career paths.  These resources are always free and we continue to keep the site non-commercial and non-for-profit.   See the guides below: