Projects and Reports

Critical Incident Stress Management of the Local Emergency Manager in the United States
Research for the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association completed by students in the fall 2015 course, Managing Emergencies and Crisis, under the direction of Program Director Claire Knox and Seminole County Office of Emergency Management Director Alan Harris.

Projects and Reports

Disaster Resiliency: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Authored by Naim Kapucu, Christopher V. Hawkins and Fernando I. Rivera
Published by Routledge in New York, NY

“Disaster Resiliency is a very important collection of essays on what has become not only a theory of disasters but also an organizing principle around which research and practice are conducted. This book is essential reading for those new to the idea of resiliency, as well as experienced researchers for whom this compendium of essays, written by top scholars in the field, will be very useful.”

— Thomas Birkland, North Carolina State University

“The concept of resilience has become increasingly important in motivating practice in applied settings. This book is an exceptional contribution to this development: it provides a great many insights into what resilience means to the management of risk and hazard vulnerability. It does so across an impressive range of topics from whole community and social capital perspectives to planning and inter-organizational coordination issues. I expect it to be a widely-used book for classroom instruction and for general readers interested in hazards and disasters — and most deservedly so!”

— Brian J. Gerber, University of Colorado, Denver

Projects and Reports

Professor Naim Kapucu and Kuotsai Tom Liou are the editors of a new book, Disaster and Development: Examining Global Issues and Cases, published by Springer.

The 469-page book examines the concepts of disasters and sustainable economic development as they are applied around the world.

The book includes 23 chapters on theoretical issues and practical cases on policy, governance, and lessons learned in dealing with disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes in 20 countries and communities.

An eBook version is available to download on the book’s home page at A print version will be available in the near future.

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