Emergency Management Alumnus Attains Professional Certification

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sl4444444The state of Florida just gained another professional emergency manager.

After years of hard work, public administration graduate Steven Lerner officially earned the designation of Florida Professional Emergency Manager. He received his certification during the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association Annual Meeting in early February.

To earn the FPEM certification, Lerner went through extensive hours of training, demonstrated significant contributions to the field of emergency management and worked for four years at the Seminole County Office of Emergency Management, where he currently serves as a mitigation and recovery coordinator.

But Lerner wasn’t the only alumnus who received a designation during the FEPA annual meeting. Public administration graduate Nathan Shaw received the Florida Associate Emergency Manager credential. Additionally, alumni and advisory board members Michele Jones and Alan Harris received a credential and recertification, respectively.

While at the FEPA Annual Meeting, emergency management program director Claire Knox, Ph.D., had the opportunity to presents the results of a service learning project conducted for her Managing Emergencies and Crises course. The project focused on critical incident stress management. The board of directors was very impressed with the results, which Knox said has the potential to change state and national policy.