National Media Covers UCF Study on Reserve Deputies

 In Criminal Justice

A man’s fatal shooting by a reserve deputy sheriff in Tulsa prompted the The Wall Street Journal to interview Associate Professor Ross Wolf about a national study he led on reserve deputies.

Wolf conducted the study with Associate Professor Stephen Holmes, also at UCF, and Senior Lecturer Carol Jones at the University of Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom with support from the National Sheriffs’ Association. Their study was published online April 13 in Police Practice and Research: An International Journal. Read the study

The Wall Street Journal cites the study in the following articles and video:

Tulsa Deputy Charged With Manslaughter in Shooting

Reserve Deputy in Tulsa Shooting Booked for Manslaughter 

Volunteer Cops: 90% Carry Guns, Says New Study (VIDEO)
In addition, CNN coverage of the shooting referenced the study, although the names of the university and researchers were not mentioned. See the report below:

Police Programs Under Scrutiny After Tulsa Shooting (VIDEO)
Links to related coverage in other media outlets appear below:

Volunteer Police Officers in the US Overwhelmingly Allowed to Use Guns (The Independent)

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