Vision Statement

The College of Health and Public Affairs is a global leader in creating positive community change. We seek to improve people’s lives through partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries in education, research, policy and program development.

Mission Statement

The College of Health and Public Affairs educates leaders for a global and diverse society by conducting transformational research, creating partnerships, and advocating policy changes that improve the health and welfare of the community.

College Goals

Community Partnerships

To improve the health and welfare of the community through mutually beneficial college-community partnerships.

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To foster innovative research activities generating and/or applying knowledge that positively impacts the global community.

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To promote and support the development and provision of state-of-the-art undergraduate, master’s and doctoral education, and professional continuing education.

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To integrate diversity and globalization into all aspects of college life.


To develop and promote a distinctive vision- and mission-driven identity for the college.

Organizational Success

To promote and nurture a vibrant and vital organization built on a foundation of responsible and strategic management of college resources.

College Values

We Value and Celebrate Diversity within our faculty, staff and students and endeavor to treat all people with dignity and respect, honoring their race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion, socioeconomic status, opinions and positions.

We Value Collaboration and believe the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving great success is to use our collective talents and wisdom through partnerships within the college, throughout the university and in the Central Florida community.

We Value Excellence and strive for the highest degree of quality and professionalism in our teaching, research and service.

We Value Innovation and Creativity and foster an environment where both can flourish by allowing faculty, staff and students to take risks; by minimizing the cost of failure; and by continually seeking opportunities to develop cutting-edge knowledge, programs and policies in globe-spanning partnerships.

We Value Knowledge that empowers our students and alumni to improve the future quality of life in our community and globally.

We Value Truth and Honesty and believe that in our pursuit and sharing of knowledge we are cultivating a culture that relies on facts, rejects deceptiveness, and promotes and rewards truth and honesty.

We Value Fairness and Equity and strive in all of our interactions to be fair, impartial and objective and to make decisions free of favoritism or self-interest.

We Value Passion as a critical part of a thriving society and endeavor to create an environment for our students, faculty, administrators and staff that instills a passion for our fields of study and for improving the quality of life of individuals.

We Value Service and employ an altruistic approach to our community partnerships and our mission of teaching, research and service.

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