HuffPost Live Taps Ravich for Aviation Law Expertise

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HuffPost Live tapped Tim Ravich, assistant professor of legal studies, for his expertise on aviation law for a live segment Jan. 8 named “Does it Pay to Hack Your Airfare?”

HuffPost Live wrote: United Airlines and are suing the founder of Skiplagged, a site that shows people how to find lower fares by utilizing the “hidden-city airfare” strategy. We delve into how airfare hacks work and see if it pays to “cheat” the system.

Ravich, the founder of Skiplagged and two travel bloggers discuss the law suit and its ramifications, airfare pricing, and airfare hacking.

Watch the segment: Does it Pay to Hack Your Airfare?

For an article by Ravich about a class action brought against Spirit Airlines, see Civil RICO Action Over Spirit Fees Ready to Take Off. (Registration required to view)

For a recent article by Ravich on national airline policy, see the Miami Law’s Business Law Review.
(Ravich is a Miami Law alumnus.)

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