What is the procedure to hire an ADJUNCT?


The first step in hiring an Adjunct is to confirm funds in the department’s budget

E&G: approved by your area VP or college dean’s office.
C&G: contact the Office of Research & Commercialization

Position numbers are not assigned to these types of appointments

Hiring Package should include the following supporting materials:

A. Adjunct and Postdoctoral Hiring Checklist
B. Current résumé or curriculum vitae (CV)
C. Official transcript of highest degree.
D. Copy of completed and signed Adjunct Faculty Agreement and Applicant Affirmation forms.
E. Faculty Employment Certification–Form AA20.
F. Nomination and Appointment to Graduate Faculty and Graduate Faculty Scholars form (for adjuncts in graduate level)
G. Three documented telephone reference checks.
H. Criminal history background check.

You may review the complete Adjunct Hiring Guide

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