What is the procedure for FACULTY recruitment?


A. The first step in Faculty recruitment is to confirm funds in the department’s budget

E&G: approved by your area VP or college dean’s office.
C&G: contact the Office of Research & Commercialization

B. Request Position number assignment (for new positions):
5-digit number associated with the specific job or position vacancy. Position numbers for all budget entities (E&G, C&G, or auxiliary) can be obtained by contacting Vanessa Nixon- college dean’s office.

C. What is a Search and when is one required?
Complete a job or position vacancy via public announcement (“posting”). All faculty E&G positions, except for visiting non-renewable positions, must be posted for a minimum of 4 weeks. All other faculty positions may be posted for a minimum of 1 week.

A search is required for all UCF faculty positions unless specifically exempted.*For exemption categories go to: www.eeo.ucf.edu/forms.html

D. Where do I post a position?

Who is eligible to post positions?
Only one person in your department should have the access to post positions. Check with the Coordinator or Administrative Services in your Department.

How do I get access to post positions?
1. Request an account. Your request will be submitted on-line to Recruitment for approval.

2. Complete the Online Security Access Form

3. Complete the Interviewer Certification Training.

E. What are the guidelines for a search committee?
The guidelines are available at www.eeo.ucf.edu

Selection and Employment Agreement

F. When can I make an offer of employment?
Official faculty offers can be made only by the Provost and Executive Vice President or direct designee

G. When can the hiring official request an Employment Agreement?
Departments may complete an Employment Agreement form as soon as a search has been completed. Send form to Vanessa Nixon.

1. Where is the Employment Agreement Form?
There are two different forms, one for Adjuncts and one for Faculty (Under the “Recruitment and Employment” section): http://provost.ucf.edu/forms-policies-and-procedures/

NOTE: For E&G, complete E&G Salary Commitment Form (Under the “Budget-Related” section): http://provost.ucf.edu/forms-policies-and-procedures/
**Send both forms to Vanessa Nixon for processing and approval.

2. Who approves the Employment Agreement and Salary Commitment Forms?
E&G hires are approved by Academic Affairs. C&G hires are approved by ORC (Office of Research & Commercialization).

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