The Doctoral Program in Public Affairs prepares future leaders to deal with complex social, health and governance issues that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The curriculum comprises an interdisciplinary core with advanced studies offered in five tracks: Criminal Justice, Governance and Policy Research, Health Services Management and Research, Public Administration, and Social Work. The program has a community-based focus with an emphasis on collaborative relationships across public, private and nonprofit sectors of the community.

Research Interests

Kim Anderson, Ph.D., MSSW, LCSW

  • Assessment of trauma and recovery for survivors of violence
  • Resilience and post-trauamtic growth in trauma populations
  • Intimate partner violence - including rural and Native American populations
  • Childhood exposure to domestic violence across the lifespan
  • Digital Storytellng as a trauma narrative intervention

Thomas Bryer, Ph.D., M.P.A., B.A.

  • scholarship of teaching and learning
  • ethics
  • citizen engagement
  • collaborative governance

Su-I Hou, Ph.D, C.P.H., M.C.H.E.S., R.N.

  • Cancer prevention and screening promotion
  • HIV/AIDS behavioral research
  • eHealth communication and promotion
  • Healthy aging in place
  • Community-based health promotion programs for older adults
  • Guided autobiography for older adults and caregivers

Lawrence Martin, Ph.D., MSW, MBA

  • performance evaluation
  • governance
  • public-private sector relations
  • government contracting and public-private partnerships (3Ps)
  • program evaluation
  • performance measurement and benchmarking
  • local and state government
  • social work administration
  • privatization

Robyne Stevenson, Ph.D.

  • interdisciplinary community-based research and evaluation studies
  • urban and regional planning
  • public policy
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • public-private partnerships
  • governance
  • Public And Nonprofit Management

Thomas Wan, Ph.D., M.H.S.

  • health services management research
  • outcomes evaluation
  • health informatics
  • long-term care research
  • gerontological health
  • policy informatics research
  • Population health science

Current/Recent Grants

CREATION Health Principles Integration
PI: Thomas Wan, Ph.D.
$165,000, 8/23/15-8/23/16
Florida Hospital

CPNM Management and Leadership Development Training
PI: Thomas Bryer, Ph.D.
$250,000, 6/10/2015-6/30/2016 (with Co-PIs Bonnie Yegidis, Jo Ann Smith, Stephanie Krick, Dorothy Norris Tirrell and David Mitchell)
Florida Department of Children and Families

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