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January 22, 2018

Provost’s Update

New Colleges, School Will Chart Bold Future for UCF
Based upon the task forces’ recommendations, UCF will create an Academic Health Sciences Center (AHSC) at Lake Nona and a new college and new interdisciplinary, inter-college school that will anchor UCF Downtown.


“We have two unique opportunities to rethink what structure will best meet the needs of our students and achieve our ambitious Collective Impact strategic goals. With recent state approval for the UCF Lake Nona Medical Center and our new downtown campus, the time is right to consider how our academic programs align and what we can do to elevate the programs, faculty, staff, and students in the colleges involved. … That’s why I am pleased to share with you the launch of two new task forces charged with exploring new innovative academic structures around health and clinical professions and programs advancing new media and urban innovation. …”
7/31/17 campuswide email submitted for A. Dale Whittaker, provost and executive vice president

9/29/17, 11/28/17 Q&A With the Provost meetings were held for the college’s faculty and staff members.

Academic Health Sciences Center Task Force

CHARGE  “Explore how we create an Academic Health Science center that will bring together our expertise in health and clinical fields ranging from nursing to physical therapy while focusing on Central Florida’s distinctive needs and opportunities.” — 7/31/17 campuswide email

MEMBERS  Deborah German (chair), Deborah Beidel, Juan Cendan, Michael Deichen, Bari Hoffman Ruddy, Marcia Katz, Elizabeth Klonoff, Patrick Pabian, Griffith Parks, Bernardo Ramirez, Suha Saleh, Jeanette Schreiber, William Self, Mary Lou Sole, Jeffrey Stout, Linda Sullivan, Bonnie YegidisRichard Zraick (links go to contact information for COHPA representatives)

MEETINGS  Weekly meetings up to 12/18/17 (except 9/4, 11/6).
“There will be open forum and town hall meetings.” — 8/14/17 meeting minutes

DECEMBER AHSC Task Force Town Hall Meetings

Chair Dr. Deborah German and select members of the Academic Health Sciences Task Force Committee will host three Town Hall meetings with faculty and staff to provide an update on the task force’s progress and to hear your thoughts.

Lake Nona Campus:

  • Monday, December 11, 12-1 p.m., Medical Education Building, Room 102

Main Campus:

  • Tuesday, December 12, 12-1 p.m., Teaching Academy, Room 117
  • Thursday, December 14, 12-1 p.m., Teaching Academy, Room 302

11/30/17 campuswide email submitted for Deborah German, vice president for medical affairs

OCTOBER AHSC Task Force Town Hall Meetings

Chair Dr. Deborah German and select members of the Academic Health Sciences Task Force Committee will host two Town Hall meetings for faculty and staff to gather information, ideas, hopes and concerns regarding the Academic Health Science Center. The Town Halls are scheduled as follows:

  • Friday, October 20, 12-1 p.m., in HPA I, Room 116
  • Monday, October 23, 12-1 p.m., Morgridge International Reading Center

10/17/17 campuswide email submitted for Deborah German, vice president for medical affairs


12/15/17: The AHSC Task Force submitted its final recommendations to the provost.

11/27/17 AHSC Meeting: The task force heard a presentation on the Athletic Training Program and a brief update on the UINM Task Force. Members approved a proposal to develop the Population Health Collaborative over five years. They also were asked to complete a survey on proposed one- and five-year organizational plans.

11/20/17 AHSC Meeting: The AHSC Task Force heard updates on the UINM Task Force, the last of the open fora and the current surveys. The Population Health Subgroup recommended the creation of a Population Health Collaborative that serves as a universitywide “hub” for population health across colleges, departments and units. CSD Chair Richard Zraick provided information on program delivery modes.

11/17/17 COHPA Task Force Updates from the Interim Dean

11/14/17 AHSC Meeting: Members heard updates from the UINM Task Force and the Population Health Subgroup. They also continued their discussions of a draft organizational chart and considered a possible reporting structure. Members were asked to complete two surveys regarding a proposed organizational structure.

10/30/17 AHSC Meeting: The task force heard a recap of the open fora and town hall meetings. The group also continued its discussions of a draft organizational structure, including the location of a Population Health Subgroup.

10/23/17 AHSC Meeting: Members identified themes that emerged from the recent open fora. They also discussed a draft organizational chart and the importance of creating a structure that allows new programs to grow. Members were told a faculty and staff survey would be distributed.  

10/18/17 COHPA Task Force Updates from the Interim Dean

10/16/17 AHSC Meeting: The task force presented its town hall meeting schedule and announced the formation of a Population Health Sciences Subgroup.

10/9/17 COHPA Task Force Updates from the Interim Dean

10/9/17 AHSC Meeting: Committee members discussed population health interests at the university and heard a report from the UINM Task Force.

10/2/17 AHSC Meeting: Members discussed the organization of town hall meetings and the inclusion of task force representatives at each other’s meetings.

9/25/17 AHSC Meeting: Committee members were asked to begin considering affiliations and partnerships in current clinical and health professions programs.

9/18/17 AHSC Meeting: Members reviewed a schedule for open fora with faculty and staff from health-related and clinical departments. See below for a schedule of open fora. Members were asked to complete a survey on affiliations and partnerships.

AHSC Open Fora Schedule (click to enlarge)

8/31/17 AHSC Committee Communications: This email includes a list of the individual task force members and their email addresses. “… the task force asked that they … serve as ambassadors to the university community to receive input and share that input with the entire task force.” Also, “We will be scheduling open fora on different campuses …” — Deborah German, vice president for medical affairs and dean of the College of Medicine

8/14/17 AHSC Meeting Minutes excerpt: “The group expressed a desire to make certain that input from students, faculty and staff be included. Strategic planning, transparency, process efficiency, space, timeline, dollars, data, and resources, were some of the areas discussed as key to the project.”

Urban Innovation and New Media Task Force

CHARGE  “Build upon the work of our downtown academic planning committees who have imagined which academic experiences will be made better because they’re located in an urban environment. Together, this group will identify a cohesive academic structure and alignment among programs at the new campus.” 7/31/17 campuswide email

MEMBERS  Elizabeth Dooley (co-chair), Thad Seymour (co-chair), Tim Brown, Maribeth Ehasz, Nancy Ellis, Mary Ann Feldheim, José Fernández, Tameca Harris-Jackson, Lynn Hepner, Su-I Hou, Mike Johnson, Mike Kilbride, Elizabeth Klonoff, Paul Lartonoix, Robert Littlefield, Rudy McDaniel, Jeff Moore, Ben Noel, Alisa Smith, Ross Wolf (links go to contact information for COHPA representatives)

MEETINGS  First meeting on 8/14. Retreat for members on 8/30. Subsequent meetings on 9/26, 10/11. Executive committee meetings on 10/19, 10/24, 10/31. All members meeting on 11/2. Executive committee meeting on 11/8. All members meetings on 11/14, 11/30. Executive committee meeting on 12/6. All members meeting on 12/14.


12/18/17: The UINM Task Force submitted its final recommendations to the provost.

12/14 UINM Task Force Meeting and 12/6 UINM Task Force Executive Committee Meeting: Members continued discussions about input on the three draft organizational structures.

11/30/17 UINM Task Force Meeting: Task force members reported receiving numerous and “thorough” inputs from their colleges and units on the three draft organizational structures. They discussed the pros and cons reported by their colleagues for each approach. The task force will submit its final recommendations by Dec. 18.

11/27/17 Request for Feedback on Draft Organizational Structures from the Interim Dean (due by noon, 11/28) and DRAFT – UINM Task Force – Organizational Structures

11/17/17 COHPA Task Force Updates from the Interim Dean

11/14/17 UINM Task Force Meeting: Members reviewed three possible approaches to organizing academic programs downtown: 1) a two-college approach that includes several COHPA programs in one college and communication and digital media in another, 2) an integrated approach with select COHPA, select education, communication and digital media programs in a single college, and 3) a “big idea” approach that organizes a new college around urban innovation, public service and community impact, bringing together aligned programs currently in different colleges. The task force is still considering each of these models.

11/8/17 UINM Task Force Executive Committee Meeting: The executive committee considered possible ways to organize academic programs based on the feedback received at the November 2 meeting.

11/2/17 UINM Task Force Meeting: Members reviewed the academic programs based on synergies and potential alignments. The feedback from this meeting will be used to create approaches for organizational structures.

10/19, 10/24, 10/31/17 UINM Task Force Executive Committee Meetings: Executive committee members held smaller, more-focused discussions on information the task force had heard and received about academic programs being considered for downtown over a 10-year period. The group considered: 1) what would be best for students, 2) what programs would benefit from being downtown and being co-located with other programs, and 3) how would the downtown campus benefit from having a particular program there. They found that programs aligned into two broad groups: “Community Innovation and Social Impact” and “Communication and Media.”

10/18/17 COHPA Task Force Updates from the Interim Dean

10/9/17 COHPA Task Force Updates from the Interim Dean

9/27/17: “The Urban Innovation and New Media Task Force hosted a retreat on August 30 and held follow up conversations with program leaders the week of September 6 to discuss the urban campus advantage, trends and synergies between academic departments. From those conversations and our previous planning efforts, we summarized the advantages of the urban campus [see below].” — Co-chairs Thad Seymour and Elizabeth Dooley

The Urban Campus Advantage

  • Enhance academic programs by leveraging proximity to local industry clusters to elevate the learning experience.
  • Generate access to broader experiences that enhance curriculum, programs and research.
  • Create community impact through engagement with people, businesses and organizations to drive positive outcomes and mutual benefits.
  • Meet societal opportunities through a coordinated focus on urban innovation in the form of civic engagement, citizen empowerment, economic development and social entrepreneurism.

9/26/17 UINM Meeting: The task force was asked to consider synergies between academic programs. The group also identified broad societal challenges that could be addressed by those clusters of programs. Prior to the meeting on October 11, the task force will be requesting additional input from program leadership, specifically identifying ways in which programs will be enhanced as a result of being situated in an urban setting.

The task force went on to distribute two worksheets to obtain feedback from unit leaders. The Program Feedback Worksheet solicits information on how each individual academic program can be enhanced by the urban environment. The Collaboration Mapping Worksheet solicits information on opportunities for program collaboration. Responses are to be submitted by October 6.

8/30/17 UINM Retreat: The task force met to explore UCF Downtown’s academic program alignment and structure. Facilitated by “Gert” Garman, the co-chairs challenged the group to think about opportunities offered by an urban campus, external trends that may affect academic programs downtown, future disciplinary and interdisciplinary trends, and connections between programs.

Monthly Downtown Updates
November Downtown Update
September Downtown Update
August Downtown Update

Other Resources

This team is meeting monthly “… to investigate opportunities specific to the programs planned to be moved to the UCF Downtown location and discover ways to increase each program to a higher level of prominence, establishing a 21stCentury urban campus that hires the best faculty/staff and recruits the best students.” — 6/2/17 presentation at orientation for team members

The team is led by Paul Lartonoix. COHPA representatives are Kerry Gajewski, Reid Oetjen, Alisa Smith and Bonnie Yegidis.

9/28/17 Article: Meet the Trailblazers
7/28/17 TT Meeting: Trailblazers Team PowerPoint presentation

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