Jungwon Yeo

, Ph.D., MPA, B.A., B.A.

Assistant Professor, Graduate Faculty

Public Administration


Jungwon Yeo, Ph.D., is an Assistant professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Her main research interests include emergency and crisis management, decision analysis and decision support in complex environment, migrant and refugee integration, and organizational behaviors in the public sector.

She has published research articles in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, obtained both external and internal research grants, and presented her research at international, national, and regional conferences in Public Administration and/or Public Policy.

She is a membership chair and a board member of American Society for Public Administration ‘s Section on Emergency and Crisis Management.


  • Ph.D., Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh
  • MPA, Public Administration, SungKyunKwan University (Republic of Korea)
  • B.A., Management, Handong Global University (Republic of Korea)
  • B.A., Economics, Handong Global University (Republic of Korea)
  • Research

    Published Journal Articles(6)

    6. Jungwon Yeo, Claire C. Knox, and Kyujin Jung (forthcoming). Unveiling Cultures in Emergency Response Communication Networks on Social Media: Following the 2016 Louisiana Floods. Quality & Quantity. Impact Factor 1.094

    5. Jungwon Yeo and Louise K. Comfort (2017). An expected event, but unprecedented damage: Structure and gaps of large-scale response coordination of the 2011 Thailand floods. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal  26 (4): 458-470. Impact Factor:1.010

    4. Burcak Erkan, Gunes Ertan, Jungwon Yeo, and Louise K. Comfort (2016). Risk, Profit, or Safety: Sociotechnical Systems under Stress. Safety Science 88: 199-210 Impact Factor: 2.157

    3. Jungwon Yeo (2016) Recent Administrative and Managerial Practices and Public Service Motivation: Evidence from Seoul City Government, South Korea. International Journal of Public Administration 39(3): 216-225.

    2. Louise K. Comfort, Steve Scheinert, Jungwon Yeo, Russell Schuh, Luis Duran, and Margaret A Potter (2013). Using Bayesian Influence Diagrams to Assess Organizational Performance in Four California County Health Departments, April-July 2009. Journal of Public Health Management & Practice: March Impact Factor:1.510

    1. Louise K. Comfort, Brian Chalfant, Jee Eun Song, Jungwon Yeo, Mengyao Chen, and Brian Colella (2013). The Impact of Extreme Events on Business Organizations. NAWB Publications Available at http://www.nawb.org/publications. asp (not peer reviewed)

    Published Encyclopedia Entries (2)

    Jungwon Yeo, Hui Li, Yoon Ah Shin and Brie Haupt (2017) Cultural Approaches to Crisis Management In A. Farazmand (ed.) Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance, Springer. pp. 1-4

    Bok Gyo Jeong and  Jungwon Yeo (2017) United Nations and Crisis Management, In A. Farazmand (ed.), Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance, Springer.

    Research Interests

    • emergency and crisis management
    • migrant resettlement and integration
    • organizational behavior
    • collaborative governance
    • PAD 6397: Managing Emergencies and Crises
    • PAD 6700: Research Methods for Public Administration
    • PAD 6701: Analytic Techniques for Public Administration
    • PAD 6399: Foundations of Emergency Management & Homeland Security

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