George Jacinto

, Ph.D., M.S.W., M.Ed., B.S.

Associate Professor

Social Work, International Committee

Phone: 407-823-6136
Location: Orlando Tech Center Room: 402D (Bldg. 300)

Dr. Jacinto’s undergraduate degree was in Criminology from Fresno State University, followed by completed of the MEd degree in Guidance from the College of Idaho, and an MSW from Florida State University.  He completed the PhD in Social Work at Barry University in 2007.  His dissertation explored the experience of caregivers’ negotiating self-forgiveness after the death of care-receivers diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

After completing the MSW degree his practice experience consisted of work with head injury patients as a social worker at Florida Hospital, with home care social work clients, and as a mental health specialist at Orange County Corrections.

He have been a part of the UCF School of Social Work for a number of years. He started working at UCF in 1994 as an instructor and left in 2007 to assist in the development of an MSW Program at Arkansas State University. He returned to UCF in summer of 2012 as a tenured Associate Professor, and served as MSW Program Coordinator until fall of 2013. During the fall 2013 he served as the Social Work PAF PhD program Coordinator.

His areas of research interest include forgiveness and self-forgiveness, spirituality, juvenile justice, community development, mental health, LGBTQ issues especially related to spirituality, and social policy. He currently serves on the Council for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression, and the Religion and Spirituality Task Force with the Council on Social Work Education.  In the summer of 2014 he served as a Florida delegate to the NASW Delegate Assembly in August.



  • Ph.D., Social Work, Barry University
  • M.S.W., Clinical Social Work, Florida State University
  • M.Ed., Guidance & Counseling, College of Idaho
  • B.S., Criminology, California State University - Fresno
  • Research

    Research Interests

    • mental health assessment and treatment
    • forgiveness and self-forgiveness in clinical social work practice
    • social support networks for domestice violence survivors
    • elder caregivers's mental health
    • LGBT mental health
    • mutual aid groups in retirement and skilled nursing faciilties
    • community action reinforcing empowerment
    • use of the labyrinth in psychotherapy with individuals and groups
    • SOW 4232: Social Welfare Policies and Issues

      Development of skills needed to critically analyze social welfare goals, structures, and practices. Proposes improvements of societal resource systems.

    • SOW 4754: Introduction to Forensic Social Work Theroy and Practice

      This course develops the understanding of the role of social workers with clients within the criminal justice system and legal system. This course will focus on theory, practice, intervention, and advocacy with diverse forensic populations including offenders, victims, juveniles, and related systems. The role of social workers as expert witnesses, in child welfare, etc. is also explored. This course assumes a justice oriented multisystems and interdisciplinary approach.

    • SOW 5132: Diverse Client Populations

      This course offers a study of human diversity, and is designed to foster understanding of cultural differences in gender, ethnicity, class, religion, and sexual orientation. In addition, this course also provides an opportunity to foster Cultural Competency—the development of awareness, knowledge, and skills that allow individuals (and agencies) to increase their ability to provide effective cross-cultural services.

    • SOW 5235: Social Welfare Policies and Issue

      This course focuses on the study of societal responses to human needs, forces shaping social welfare systems, and frameworks for analyzing social policies and services.

    • SOW 6246: Policy Analysis and Social Change

      This course builds on the foundation of understanding of the American social welfare system (SOW 5235), human behavior and social systems (SOW 5106), and generalist and clinical specialist practice (SOW 5106 and SOW 5306). Recognizing the inseparable link between community-based clinical and policy practice is fundamental in this course.

      The purpose of the course is for students to develop knowledge and skill in small-scale policy practice so they can solve social problems that affect social stress and social functioning of clients, improve service responses to client populations, and promote economic and social justice. Students will gain analytic, process, and communication skills that have practical application for changing policies and programs in agency, community, or legislative settings. These skills are needed to inform, persuade, educate, and mobilize people to solve social problems and to translate values and policy goals into action.

    • SOW 6324: Clinical Practice with Groups

      This course focuses on the theory and practice of community-based social work in groups. Competence in this method of practice is an essential part of the social worker’s foundation of professional knowledge, skills and values. Groups are microcosmic reflections of our larger society and offer us opportunities for learning, growth and survival. We are born into a group and live our lives in a variety of groups, within and outside the social work profession. This course is designed to facilitate your ability to critically and effectively apply theory to practice in community based clinical social work with groups.

    • SOW 6670: Clinical Social Work with LGBTQ+ Individuals

      The course will focus on social work resources, social policy and clinical assessment, diagnosis, and therapeutic interventions of LGBTQ+ individuals, families, groups, and communities.

    • SOW 6348: Clinical Practice with Individuals

      The overall objective of this course is to enable students to deepen and extend their assessment and social work intervention skills in community based clinical practice with individuals. Throughout the course students will have opportunities to understand that community based clinical practice addresses the person-in- environment and includes recognizing a reciprocal relationship between the individual client, his/her community (family, community and society) and the community resources that are utilized to enhance the individual's psychosocial functioning.

    • SOW 6846: Spirituality in Clinical Social Work

      This course is designed to provide the social work practitioner with a background in spirituality as it relates to community based social work practice. The course will include a presentation of faith development theory, study of spirituality in various settings and the development of strategies for use in practice that will heighten sensitivity of practitioners to the spiritual dimension of life.

    • SOW 6670: Clinical Social Work with LGBTQ+ Individuals

      The course will focus on social work resources, social policy and clinical assessment, diagnosis, and therapeutic interventions of LGBTQ+ individuals, families, groups, and communities.

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