Academic Qualifications


Make sure you are academically qualified. The academic qualifications are as follows:

  • You must be a senior in your last 30 hours of study at the time you begin your internship
  • You must have a 2.5 overall G.P.A. or better
  • You must have your core C.J. courses COMPLETED (at the time you begin your internship) with a “C” or better in each.
    • These courses are:
      • CCJ 3014 Crime in America
      • CCJ 3024 Criminal Justice System
      • CJL 3010 Corrections and Penology
      • CJE 4014 Police and Society
      • CCJ 4701 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
      • CCJ 4746 Data Analysis in Criminal Justice

If you have any questions about your academic qualifications, please make an appointment to meet with Dr. Watkins to verify your eligibility to do an internship.

Develop Your Resume

If you don’t have a resume ready to go, prepare one before you start your internship search.

UCF Career services offers some good site for some ideas on putting your education and experiences together into a good package.

When you get to this site click on “write an effective resume” link on the right. There is a powerpoint presentation that will open up to walk you through some resume basics.

Find an Internship Placement

Students are responsible to find their own placement, but the Department provides leads and will do everything possible to help you find a fit that is good for you. We help match your interests with the needs of the community.

The list of placement sites can be found at the Criminal Justice website.

Click on local, county, statewide or federal to view some of the contacts. You are not limited to these possibilities, but these are sites that have had our interns in the past or have asked to be placements sites for UCF CJ interns. If you would like to intern at some other location, the site must be approved.

Make an Appointment

After finding a suitable placement, make an appointment with Dr. Watkins, Room 330, HPA I, to get registered.

You must obtain a permission number to allow you to register through MyUCF.

Call 407-823-2603 to make an appointment.

“… thank you for this amazing opportunity. UCF really gave me the chance to excel and move forward in my life and career. I work with the AIS (Automated Information Systems) security team. We prepare and make sure computers and other hardware are up to government standards… it is truly exciting and amazing everything I have learned and accomplished in my short time as an intern. I look to my future with Lockheed Martin and can only imagine what it holds and honestly non of this would be possible if it wasn’t for UCF giving me this opportunity.”

Jake Townshend

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