Not necessarily. Students are limited to six hours of upper-level Criminal Justice credit, and three hours of unrestricted elective credit to use for internship hours. These hours may be divided in whatever manner the student, in consultation with the internship coordinator, finds best suits his or her needs. Some agencies will only take interns if they are willing to serve for at least 20 hours per week, while others only have the time to supervise an intern for 10 hours. Thus, the agency you choose will play a role in your decision as to choice of placement, choice of credit hours, and whether or not to complete multiple internships.

You may complete your internship any time during your last 30 hours of study. Some students opt to wait until their last term, hoping to impress their internship sponsors so the internship may become permanent employment. Others choose to take the internship option as early as possible, perhaps planning to complete more than one internship. This gives students an opportunity to explore more than one agency or more than one career field within the criminal justice arena.

Since most of our placement sites are public agencies, most are UNPAID internships. There are a few paid options, primarily within the private security sector. Our private security internships provide good experience, particularly for students who are working toward the Security Management Certificate.

No. An internship must be a new learning experience.

Yes. You may select an internship anywhere. If you do not select an internship from our listing, your site must be approved, but we are willing to look at any bona fide justice organization.

The internship is a class in that you register and pay for the credits, receive a syllabus, and have specific course work that accompanies the hours that you serve at the placement site. You do not have to actually attend a class (in a classroom) while taking your internship. You will find an online course page on your MyUCF account, and there is course information there, including the syllabus and course forms.

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