Students are often puzzled when they begin thinking about where to complete their internships. The UCF Undergraduate CJ Program has partnered with a wide variety of agencies and organizations to give students a wide range of choices. There are various policing, courts, corrections, private security and non-profit agencies that serve populations affected by the CJ system, such as victims and witnesses. Although it is the student’s responsibility to find his/her own internship placement, the list found on the Criminal Justice Department’s website will help you get started in the Central Florida area.

You Are Not Limited To The Foregoing List

If you select a site that is not on the list, you must have the site approved by the Internship Coordinator (Dr. Watkins) in advance.

You are not limited to the Central Florida area.

You may serve in any bona fide criminal justice or related agency or organization anywhere in the U.S., or even in other locations elsewhere in the world.

“My Internship with the United States Postal Inspectors was… a great venture that will open more doors for me in the future than I could possibly imagine. This opportunity confirmed for me that federal law enforcement without any doubt in my mind is the career for me.”

Karla Amaya – U.S Postal Inspector Intern

Disclaimer: Individual placement sites may impose stricter restrictions or require additional standards. The Department of Criminal Justice works with many internship sites and has contact with the agencies and respective site supervisors to ensure this website is up to date and host sites continue to possess interest in offering UCF students internship experiences. The University of Central Florida does not insure you during your internship experience nor does it vouch for the safety of your internship experience. Every internship opportunity can involve some risk and you are asked to acknowledge these risks with your internship site supervisor at the beginning of your experience. This is to make the student aware of any circumstances that might result in a potential harmful situation.

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