Turkish Professor Visits UCF to Study Emergency Management

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The Center for Public and Nonprofit Management recently hosted Turkish Professor Serpil Gerdan as a visiting scholar.

Gerdan, an assistant professor at Kocaeli University, visited UCF to learn more about her area of expertise, disaster and emergency management. Gerdan’s research focuses on disaster management, disaster risk reduction and disaster education. She has been published in a variety of journals, including Emergency Management and the Journal of Homeland Security.

While at UCF, Gerdan had the opportunity to tour the Emergency Operations Center, to use the library for research, and to attend the annual faculty conference.

The reason Gerdan chose to visit UCF was because of its reputation as a research university.

“I have known UCF to be a great university that is well known for its research, therefore, I chose UCF because of its resources and the opportunity to conduct my studies under the supervision of [SPA Director] Naim Kapucu,” Gerdan said in an email. “It was a great opportunity to come to UCF as a visiting scholar and it has been one of the most important experiences of my academic career.”

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