Yingying Liu is a visiting scholar earning a doctoral degree with an focus on emergency management and risk governance at Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. Her main research interests include public security, risk communication and risk assessment of public policy. She has been published in Chinese Public AdministrationSocial Science of BeijingWuhan University Journal and Advances in China Public Security. She has also been published in two textbooks, “Chinese Public Security Review” and “Research on Regional Public Safety and Emergency Management Coordination Mechanism.” In addition, she presented at the sixth annual conference of the International Emergency Management Society, China Chapter, and won the outstanding paper award in 2015.

An Shao is an associate professor and the director of the Center of Counterterrorism Theory and Policy at the Zhejiang Police College in China. He is also the co-founder of the Research Center of Policing Techniques and Tactics of the Ministry of Public Security of China. Sao received his doctoral degree from the School of Public Affairs at Zhejiang University in China. He specializes in counterterrorism policy, terrorism theory, policing command and tactics and policing case studies. His work has been published in academic journals such as Social ScientistEngineering and Technology, Higher Engineering Education Research and the Journal of Chinese People’s Public Security University. Within the past three years, he has conducted four research projects granted by states or central ministries.

Yingyan Jiang is a visiting scholar earning her doctoral degree in public organization and human resource management from the School of Public Administration at Renmin University of China. Her current research interests focus on performance management in public organizations and cadre selection. She has been published in Social Science Forum, the Journal of New Horizons, and the Journal of Tianjin Public Administration School. She has contributed to editing several Chinese textbooks including “Principle of Management,” Strategic Performance Management” and “History of Management Thoughts.” In addition, she presented at the 16th annual Research Postgraduate Conference at Hongkong University.

Ramazan Tas is a research scholar at the School of Public Administration and was the head of the economics department faculty at Turgut Ozal University. He was also the Director of the HESA Economic Research Center in Ankara, Turkey. He received his degrees in economics and finance from Ankara University in Turkey. He has conducted research on Chinese economic development in Beijing, China, and on efficiency of public expenditures in Oxford, England. Tas’ recent research interests are innovative global governance, sustainable, inclusive, and green development, innovative anti-poverty and anti-unemployment networks, innovative economic diplomacy, i-economy (economics of innovation) and n-economy (economics of nanotechnology revolution).

Elvin Alirzayev is a post-doctoral Fullbright Scholar. His research interests include analyzing the fiscal rules of the Azerbaijan economy. Alirzayev currently works as a senior lecturer at Qafqaz University in Azerbaijan. His current study is about establishing sustainable fiscal disipline for the Azerbaijan economy so it can be a proxy for oil-exporting countries. In addition, his doctoral dissertation subject was “The Influence of Global Financial Crisis into Azerbaijan Economy: Expenditure Policy Implementation.”

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