University-level committee members normally serve 2-3 year terms and are appointed by their department.

The university-level (Faculty Senate) committees are divided into three categories:  Senate Operational Committees, Senate Curricular Committees, and Joint Committees and Councils.  Committees under each of these headings are:

Senate Operational Committees

  • Steering Committee
  • Budget and Administrative Committee
  • Personnel Committee
  • Faculty Senate Parking Advisory Committee

Senate Curricular Committees

  • Undergraduate Council, which includes the Undergraduate Policy and Curriculum Committee and Undergraduate Course Review Committee
  • Graduate Council, which includes the Graduate Policy Committee, Graduate Appeals Committee, Graduate Curriculum Committee, and Graduate Program Review and Awards Committee

Joint Committees and Councils

  • Academic Calendar Committee
  • Admissions and Standards Committee
  • Commencements, Convocations and Recognition Committee
  • Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee
  • Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee
  • Information Technology Resource Advisory Committee
  • Library Advisory Committee
  • Research Council
  • Strategic Planning Council
  • Undergraduate Common Program Oversight Committee
  • University Athletics Advisory Committee
  • University Bookstore Advisory Committee
  • University Honors Committee
  • University Master Planning Committee
  • University Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee
  • University Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • University Travel Committee

For further information, visit http://facultysenate.ucf.edu/constitution.


University-level committee members serve 2-3 year terms and are appointed by their department.

Academic Calendar – Abby Milon, 2015-2017
Admissions and Standards – Mary Ann Eastep, 2014-2017
Athletics Advisory – Patrick Pabian, 2015-2018
Bookstore Advisory – Kenyatta Rivers, 2015-2017
Budget and Administrative – Anthony Kong, 2016-2018
Commencement – Martine Vanryckeghem, 2015-2017
Faculty and Staff Benefits – Jennifer Kent-Walsh, 2016-2018
Faculty Center for Teaching – Jackie Towson, 2016-2018
Graduate Appeals – Raj Gurupur, 2016-2017
Graduate Curriculum – Claire Knox, 2015-2018
Graduate Policy – Kendall Corelyou-Ward, 2014-2017
Graduate Program Review – Gerald Smith, 2014-2017
Honors – Jamie Schwartz, 2015-2017
Information Technology – Larry West, 2014-2017
Library Advisory – Thomas Falen, 2015-2018
Master Planning – Jo Ann Smith, 2016-2019
Parking Advisory – Timothy Ravich, 2016-2018
Personnel – Karol Lucken, Eric Merriam, Martine Vanryckeghem, 2016-2018
Research – Tom Wan, Bari Hoffman-Ruddy, 2014-2017
Steering – Bari Hoffman-Ruddy, Claire Knox, Reid Oetjen, 2016-2017
Strategic Planning – Reid Oetjen 2016-2019; Bonnie Yegidis, 2015-2018
Travel – Gina Fromang, 2015-2017
Undergraduate Common Program – Kenyatta Rivers, 2015-2017
Undergraduate Course Review – Kristen Schellhase, 2016-2018; Kim Anderson, 2016-2017
Undergraduate Policy and Curriculum – Jennifer Kent-Walsh, 2015-2017; Ross Wolf, ongoing

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