The purpose of this committee is to provide ways to enhance staff devlelopment within the college.

The objectives of this committe are:

  1. Create programs and activities that encourage professional development
  2. Provide access to knowledge and resources in support of lifelong learning-
  3. Communicate information regarding professional development opportunities
  4. Recognize the outstanding accomplishments and exemplary efforts of staff
  5. Connect staff in formal and informal settings to facilitate collaboration

The Staff Professional Development Committee will be made up of representatives from each department in the college.

Maria-Elena Augustin

Assistant Director
Public Administration, Center for Public and Nonprofit Management
Phone: 407-823-3794
Location: HPA II Room: 246

Mirtha Bailey

Experiential Learning Coordinator
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-5801
Location: HPA II Room: 241

Jacquelyn Daigneault

Assistant Director, Administrative Services
Dean's Office
Phone: 407-823-3545
Location: HPA I


April Hair

Administrative Assistant
Criminal Justice
Phone: 407-823-2019
Location: HPA I Room: 311

Calandra Jackson

Academic Advising Services I Coordinator
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Phone: 407-823-4820
Location: HPA II Room: 101G

Lisa Johannes

M.S.W. Program Assistant
Social Work
Phone: 407-823-3474
Location: HPA I Room: 236

Melinda Kramer

Program Assistant
Health Management and Informatics
Phone: 407-823-2359
Location: HPA II Room: 210

Nasrin Lakhani

Director, Academic Support Services
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-0912
Location: HPA II Room: 241

Amanda Pinto

Research Coordinator
Dean's Office
Phone: 407-823-3914
Location: HPA I Room: 309

Maricel Soto

Coordinator of Administrative Services
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Phone: 407.823.4798
Location: HPA II Room: 101D

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