The COHPA Safety Council includes members of the college who have completed a UCF training on emergency situations. During an emergency, the members wear yellow vests and provide directions on evacuation and other emergency procedures. The council also includes several members from the Burnett College of Biomedical Sciences.

Membership – Open to members of the college

Chair – Associate Dean of Personnel and Student Affairs (Melvin Rogers: melvin.rogers@ucf.edu, 3-0171)

Authority – Dean’s Office

Type – Volunteer

Length of Service – Ongoing

Contact – Laurie Carroll: laurie.carroll@ucf.edu, 407-823-6474


Mirtha Bailey

Experiential Learning Coordinator
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-5801
Location: HPA II Room: 241

Mark Bush

Lecturer/ Undergraduate HSA Program Director
Health Management and Informatics
Phone: 407-823-2359
Location: HPA II

Katie Connolly

Office Manager/Assistant to the Chair
Legal Studies
Phone: 407-823-0205
Location: HPA I Room: 343C

Karen Consalo

Legal Studies
Phone: 407-823-2459
Location: HPA I Room: 359

Jim Copertino

Administrative Assistant
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Phone: 407-823-4756
Location: HPA II Room: 101N

Sherri Dixon

Administrative Services Coordinator
Health Management and Informatics
Phone: 407-823-2174
Location: HPA II Room: 210K

Jennifer Farran

Coordinator of Academic Advising Services - Health Sciences Program
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-1447
Location: HPA I Room: 124B

April Hair

Administrative Assistant
Criminal Justice
Phone: 407-823-2019
Location: HPA I Room: 311

Lavera Henderson

Coordinator, Administrative Services
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-4565
Location: HPA II Room: 238A

Shirley Jeffrey

Office Manager
Undergraduate Student Services
Phone: 407-823-0010
Location: HPA II Room: 115

Robin Kohn

Associate Instructor, B.S.W. Program Director
Social Work
Phone: 407-823-2967
Location: HPA I Room: 204B

Kim MacLennan

Coordinator Academic Services
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-2747
Location: HPA II Room: 119

Mary Mann

Social Work
Phone: 407-823-1130
Location: HPA I Room: 214

Vanessa Nixon

Dean's Office
Phone: 407-823-6060
Location: HPA I Room: 365E


Jennifer Plant

Clinical Coordinator/Associate Instructor - Athletic Training Program
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-5232
Location: HPA II Room: 122

Kyle Riding

Lecturer of Health Science
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-1446
Location: HPA I Room: 266

Toni Rooney

Program Assistant
Criminal Justice
Phone: 407-823-2603
Location: HPA I Room: 311

Maricel Soto

Coordinator of Administrative Services
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Phone: 407.823.4798
Location: HPA II Room: 101D

Danielle Webster

Lecturer - Health Sciences Program
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-2550
Location: HPA I Room: 270

William Wieser

Senior Computer Specialist
Instructional Support and Technology
Phone: 407-823-0112
Location: HPA I Room: 105

Ross Wolf

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Technology, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Dean's Office, Criminal Justice, Undergraduate Student Services, Instructional Support and Technology, International Committee
Phone: 407-823-0171
Location: HPA I Room: 365

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