Assist faculty and staff in adhering to specific review criteria, review and evaluate the quality of program or unit results reports and plans, and compare the results reports and plans to those of the previous year.

Membership – For each program or unit participating in the IE assessment process, at least one faculty member or staff member is assured to be the assessment coordinator.

Chair – Associate Dean of Administration and Faculty Affairs

Authority – Dawn Oetjen:  dawn.oetjen@ucf.edu; 3-0171

Type – Appointed

Length of Service – 1 year

Contact – Laurie Carroll:  laurie.carroll@ucf.edu; 3-6474


Divisional Review Committee members are appointed to serve for one year.

(2015-16 members appear below. 2016-17 members TBA.)

Kenneth Adams

Criminal Justice
Phone: 407-823-3679
Location: HPA I Room: 360

Kevin Brown

Social Work
Phone: 407-823-5621
Location: HPA I Room: 226

Steven Carrillo

Academic Coordinator for Undergraduate Programs
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-3918
Location: HPA II Room: 241

Mary Ann Feldheim

Associate Professor, Nonprofit Management Program Director
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-3693
Location: HPA II Room: 238

Jeremy Hall

Professor and MPA Director
Public Administration
Location: HPA II Room: 238L

Christopher Hawkins

Associate Professor, Urban and Regional Planning Program Director
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-2706
Location: HPA II Room: 233

Claire Connolly Knox

Associate Professor, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program Director, Associate Professor - National Center for Integrated Coastal Research
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-0153
Location: HPA II Room: 235

Margarita Koblasz

Program Coordinator, Associate Lecturer
Legal Studies
Phone: 407-823-4727
Location: HPA I Room: 343D

Robin Kohn

Associate Instructor, B.S.W. Program Director
Social Work
Phone: 407-823-2967
Location: HPA I Room: 204B

Stephanie Krick

Associate Lecturer, Director, Public Administration Undergraduate Programs, Campus Director, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-0661
Location: HPA II Room: 234

Shawn Lawrence

Associate Professor, M.S.W. Program Director
Social Work
Phone: 407-823-3112
Location: HPA I Room: 225

Alice Noblin

Associate Professor, Health Informatics and Information Management Program Director
Health Management and Informatics
Phone: 407-823-2353
Location: HPA II Room: 210D

Patrick Pabian

Program Director/Clinical Associate Professor - Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-3457
Location: HPA I Room: 256

Gene Paoline

Professor, Graduate Program Director
Criminal Justice
Phone: 407-823-4946
Location: HPA I Room: 321

Kristen Couper Schellhase

Program Director / Associate Lecturer - Athletic Training Program, COHPA Dean's Faculty Fellow
Dean's Office, Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-3463
Location: HPA II Room: 121

Daniel Seigler

Lecturer, Internship Program Director
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-2190
Location: HPA II Room: 238H

Cory Watkins

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Program Director, Internship Coordinator
Criminal Justice
Phone: 407-823-0365
Location: HPA I Room: 330

Angela White-Jones

Master of Research Administration Program Director, Lecturer
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-5786
Location: HPA II Room: 219

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