Supports inclusion and diversity in teaching, research and scholarship within the college.

Membership – Comprised of any volunteers from all programs within the college.

Chair – Appointed by the Dean

Authority – Linda Rosa-Lugo; linda.rosa-lugo@ucf.edu; 3-0171

Type – Volunteer

Length of Service – Ongoing

Contact – Laurie Carroll: laurie.carroll@ucf.edu; 3-6474

Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of the College of Health and Public Affairs’ Diversity Committee is to promote awareness of diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences among the college’s students, faculty, staff and alumni. The committee encourages and supports professional collaboration among the college’s diverse academic programs to promote diversity.


The Diversity Committee seeks to create an environment that fosters an appreciation of the values, skills, challenges and abilities of all people. Such an environment enriches the college’s academic community and prepares its members to participate more fully in a diverse society.


The Diversity Committee has a commitment and respect for diversity and inclusion, as well as for representation of people across all aspects of social identity. Committee members believe in the value of diversity to strengthen our work and our communities. Our commonalities unite us and our differences enrich us.


The Diversity Committee is comprised of any volunteers from all programs within the college.

Morris Beato

Clinical Assistant Professor - Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-1864
Location: HPA I Room: 255A

Gregg Buckingham

Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-1190
Location: HPA II Room: 220

Catherine Cash

Coordinator, B.S.W. Program Advisor
Social Work
Phone: 407-823-3346
Location: HPA I Room: 237

Reshawna Chapple

Assistant Professor
Social Work
Phone: (407) 823-2958
Location: HPA I Room: 252

Mary Dillon

Social Work
Phone: 407-823-3967
Location: HPA I Room: 224

José Fernández

Interim Dean
Dean's Office
Phone: 407-823-6424
Location: HPA I Room: 365

Carlos Gual

Clinical Coordinator/ Instructor - Athletic Training Program
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-1407
Location: HPA II Room: 118

Tameca Harris-Jackson

Lecturer, Coordinator, Academic Support and Assessment, Online MSW
Social Work
Phone: 407-823-3054
Location: Building Partnership 1 Room: 102

Lavera Henderson

Coordinator, Administrative Services
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-4565
Location: HPA II Room: 238A

Calandra Jackson

Academic Advising Services I Coordinator
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Phone: 407-823-4820
Location: HPA II Room: 101G

Nasrin Lakhani

Director, Academic Support Services
Public Administration
Phone: 407-823-0912
Location: HPA II Room: 241

Samantha Jackson

Coordinator, Academic Advising Services,
Health Professions
Phone: 4078233462
Location: HPA I Room: 256

Anthony Pak Hin Kong

Associate Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders, International Committee
Phone: 407-823-4791
Location: HPA II Room: 106

Eunkyung "Muriel" Lee

Assistant Professor
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-2214
Location: HPA I

Xinliang "Albert" Liu

Associate Professor
Health Management and Informatics
Phone: 407-823-3752
Location: HPA II Room: 210

Kim MacLennan

Coordinator Academic Services
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-2747
Location: HPA II Room: 119

Abby Milon

Associate Lecturer
Legal Studies
Phone: 407-823-0030
Location: HPA I Room: 347

Olga Molina

Associate Professor
Social Work
Phone: 407-823-6793
Location: HPA I Room: 251

William Moreto

Assistant Professor
Criminal Justice
Phone: 407-823-3934
Location: HPA I Room: 325

Vanessa Nixon

Dean's Office
Phone: 407-823-6060
Location: HPA I Room: 365E

Jennifer Peck

Assistant Professor
Criminal Justice
Phone: 407-823-5940
Location: HPA I Room: 329

Paula Prior

Criminal Justice
Phone: 407-823-6040
Location: HPA I Room: 314

Estelli Ramos

Social Work
Phone: 407-823-3161
Location: Building Partnership 1 Room: 102

Kyle Riding

Lecturer of Health Science
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-1446
Location: HPA I Room: 266

Kenyatta Rivers

Associate Professor, ASHA Fellow
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Phone: 407-823-4828
Location: HPA II Room: 101Q

Linda Rosa-Lugo

Associate Professor, ASHA Fellow, Director, UCF Listening Center
Communication Sciences and Disorders, Communication Disorders Clinic, International Committee
Phone: 407-823-4805
Location: HPA II Room: 110

Olga Russell

Health Management and Informatics
Phone: 407-823-2359
Location: HPA II Room: Suite 210

Valerie Schulz

Instructor - Health Sciences Program
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-5325
Location: HPA I Room: 266

Danielle Webster

Lecturer - Health Sciences Program
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-2550
Location: HPA I Room: 270

Brittny A. Wells

Assistant Professor - Health Sciences Program
Health Professions
Phone: 407-823-3012
Location: HPA I Room: 227

Jacqueline Withers

Associate Instructor, Director of Field Education
Social Work
Phone: 407-823-5716
Location: HPA I Room: 233

Tracy Wharton

Assistant Professor, Assoc Dir of Research: McCormick Research Institute
Social Work
Phone: 407-823-2819
Location: HPA I Room: 247

The Diversity Committee coordinates an annual luncheon for the college’s staff and faculty as part of UCF’s Diversity Week in mid-October. Some students are invited as well.

Diversity Luncheon Flyer Final

The Diversity Committee holds several Brown-Bag Meetings each year. Invited guests and faculty and staff members present on current topics related to diversity. Meetings are posted on the college’s online calendar and are open to the campus community.

Reshawna Chapple

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