The mission of the Center for Community Partnerships is to facilitate the development of long-term collaborative solutions to the most serious social issues facing the Central Florida community by bringing together the resources of the College of Health and Public Affairs and other colleges within the University of Central Florida.  The center partners with public- and private-sector community leaders with the intent to develop broad-based community initiatives to address and resolve those pressing concerns.


The Center for Community Partnerships aspires to be a preferred resource in the facilitation and development of long-term university/community partnerships to resolve the most pressing social issues and concerns in Central Florida.


The Center for Community Partnerships’ main goals are to:

  • act as a liaison to facilitate college partnerships with other colleges, local government and nonprofit organizations in an effort to address some of the most pressing concerns facing Central Florida communities
  • collaborate with community leaders to develop long-term community projects that may then be used to inform policy planning and decisions that truly benefit Central Florida communities
  • play a critical role in the coordination of student internships, service-learning and research by facilitating the development of interdisciplinary and intercollegiate teams to include faculty members and students from the College of Health and Public Affairs and other UCF colleges
  • provide a mechanism to convene and facilitate community initiatives and to partner with community efforts to improve the quality of life in Central Florida
  • provide administration and oversight of partnership efforts and ensure high-quality deliverables to community partners and funders


The Center for Community Partnerships strives to:

  • Cultivate strong interdisciplinary university/community relationships
    The development of trust and respect among university and community partners is a critical component in resolving critical community concerns
  • Encourage long-term solutions to social problems
    University and community partners share their knowledge, resources, and expertise to work together to address community issues and concerns over an extended period of time
  • Strengthen communities by building on community strengths and relationships
    Community strengths and assets, such as local schools, organizations, businesses, neighborhood groups, churches, and the people who live and work there, are used to create solutions to community and societal concerns
  • Shared accountability for sustainable results
    University and community partners work together to build shared accountability for mutually agreed upon results and hold one another responsible to ensure prolonged results
  • Integrate university teaching/research/service into community partnerships and balance that with community needs & sustainability
    Use the social capital and expertise available through university faculty and students to provide effective, applicable and relevant research, data systems development and analysis, and client/community centered results

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