The Center for Community Partnerships develops, facilitates and supports university-community partnerships that strengthen communities in Central Florida. A major thrust of the center is to develop long-term partnerships between the College of Health and Public Affairs, other colleges across the University of Central Florida, and the Central Florida community.

The center focuses on the following areas:

  • community engagement
  • collaborative partnerships
  • research and service
  • long-term solutions to societal concerns

At UCF, center personnel work closely with college administrators, department leaders and faculty members to identify critical community priorities, faculty interests and capabilities, and internal and external partnership opportunities. In the community, they place a priority on engaging community leaders, with several goals in mind:

  • to develop strong interpersonal and inter-organizational relationships
  • to develop a keen understanding of issues facing community members, schools, and government and nonprofit organizations in the public sector
  • to facilitate discussions on strategies to address critical community concerns
  • to initiate long-term partnerships to address those concerns

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