Bast Offers Strategies for Businesses to Enhance Privacy in Award-Winning Article

 In Legal Studies

Carol Bast, associate professor of legal studies, identifies steps businesses can take to protect their privacy in an article published this year by the peer-reviewed Journal of Legal Studies in Business. Proactive Business Strategies in the Wake of Mass Surveillance under the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act appears in the journal’s latest publication, Volume 19.

Bast learned this week that the journal’s Editorial Board has selected her article for the JLSB Best Article Award, which recognizes the best article in the preceding two issues of the journal.

In her award-winning article, Bast discusses topics related to privacy such as data breaches and the professionalization of privacy officers. She goes on to describe proactive measures businesses can take to protect the privacy of their property, employees and clients. These include

  • using the services of a privacy professional, either within the business or as a consultant
  • configuring business networks and devices to prevent or limit security breaches and auditing and updating them on a regular basis
  • developing a comprehensive privacy policy that is reviewed and updated on a regular basis
  • implementing an information technology crisis management plan
  • including appropriate background investigations when hiring new employees
  • providing employees with education on privacy policy and training to implement security procedures

Bast concludes, ‘In the interconnected world in which a business operates, the new norm is to be continually on guard against data breaches and take as many proactive measures as possible to safeguard business data and, thereby, preserve consumer trust.”

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