Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Kramer ’17

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Andrew Kramer ’17 majored in philosophy as an undergraduate student, and puts those critical and deep-thinking skills to use every day as a Data Integration Specialist for Partners in Health in Boston, Massachusetts. He has a wide variety of technical and secular interests, and honed his own altruism as a Knight through MEDLIFE. 


What do you do?  I work as Data Integration Specialist for Partners in Health, located at their headquarters in the heart of Boston, MA.

Why do you do what you do?  As Data Integration Specialist, I work on the Development Operations team, closely coordinating with our Systems analyst, director, and similar Business Intelligence counterparts within finance. My primary tasks include reporting on development operations that will expand to Prospect Management using Microsoft’s Power BI (Business Intelligence). Daily, routine uploads of gift batches through BSD (Blue State Digital) into our database management system called The Raiser’s Edge will include creating triggered alerts written using Visual Basic .NET/C#. I will also have the opportunity to write stored procedures as the hosted database makes use of SQL Server 2012, taking part in the selection, and migration, implementation of a new fundraising database in the near future.

What do you like most about your job? Focused on underserved populations across the globe, Partners in Health offers a preferential option for the poor in healthcare. “By establishing long-term relationships with sister organizations based in settings of poverty, Partners In Health strives to achieve two overarching goals: to bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them and to serve as an antidote to despair.” PIH operates on four core values that greatly align with my own: commitment, humility, pragmatic solidarity, and integrity.


What do you do for fun?  One of my major passions focuses on supporting my local music community and attending shows. I love nature and the outdoors. I am an active scuba diver and all around thrill seeker.

What makes you laugh out loud?  I love political, satirical humor such as Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Trevor Noah.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  Biomedical engineering, nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning all interest me greatly. I would also like to apply my Philosophy degree to Machine/Deep Learning to address the ethical concerns of algorithmic bias.

What is the last thing you Googled?  Collective vs. Individual rights of the Second Amendment

What has been your favorite city or country to visit? Roatán, Honduras where you can walk off the beach and onto the beautiful reefs

What is the happiest and/or proudest moment of your life?  Graduating from UCF with my Master’s degree in Health Care Informatics as Outstanding Student of my cohort and passing the CAHIMS (Certified Associate in Health Information and Management Systems).

If you were on an island and you could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?  A boombox, batteries, and my music collection


Why did you choose to attend UCF? The bright and vibrant community of Central Florida, including the vigorous research especially in Information Technology.

How has your UCF degree helped in your career?  UCF has honed my liberal arts degree in Philosophy to implement formal logic and analytical skills within the emerging field of Health Care Informatics and Information Technology.

What extracurricular activities were you involved in at UCF?  MEDLIFE UCF (MEDLIFE is a branch of a secular, volunteer-run global health organization)

What is your favorite UCF memory?  Week-long mobile clinic to Riobamba, Ecuador through MEDLIFE UCF

What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to your fellow Knights?  If you’re privileged enough to ask yourself and inquire about the meaning of life, it’s simply one word: Altruism.

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