Salary Savings

Research Buyout

The department/school benefits financially when a faculty member buys out a portion of his/her academic year salary using Contract and Grant (C&G) funds.

  • Release from one course requires a minimum buyout of 25% (0.25FTE) per semester (salary plus benefits). The college will return 100% of the salary savings from the “buyout” directly to the department/school for each semester that there is a buyout. The department/school will be responsible for replacing the faculty member in the classroom from the salary saving return.

Overhead/Indirect Cost Distribution

  • Overhead charged to external contracts and grants is administered by the UCF Office of Research and Commercialization (ORC). Current university practice provides that ORC subtracts off the top money (5-17% depending on the year) for the university. Of the balance that remains, ORC keeps 55% and distributes 45% of the remaining funds to the college. The actual distribution to the college is calculated on a rolling two-year average. The college distributes 10% of the 45% college award to the PI/co-PIs and 20% to the department/school, divided if necessary among multiple PI/co-PIs and departments as specified in the proposal. Overhead is distributed semi-annually based on the actual overhead distributed back to the college by ORC.

Please visit the COHPA Office of Research website for more information.

Faculty Travel

The following criteria must be met for an application for faculty travel to be considered:

  • Only full-time, tenured or tenure-earning faculty members are eligible.
  • A maximum of one application per person may be funded for each 12-month fiscal period (March 16, 20xx – March 15, 20xx).
  • The trip must be for the documented purpose of delivering a research paper or comparable creative activity at a professional meeting.
  • Funding is for transportation costs only using Education and General (E&G) funds. Qualifying transportation includes:
    • airfare
    • taxi/cab/shuttle
    • mileage
    • tolls
    • rental car/fuel

The maximum amount is currently $350.00 domestic travel, and $700.00 international travel, subject to available funds. Funding amounts are approved based on the amount of transportation costs listed by the applicant. Reimbursement amounts are based on the actual transportation costs incurred, up to the amount approved.

  • There must be some funding support for the travel from the department/school or college. This support must come from E&G money. Only E&G accounts may be reimbursed from Faculty Travel funds. (E&G money is state appropriated. E&G funding does not include any Contract & Grant funding received through the state of Florida.) Because Faculty Travel funds are disbursed as reimbursements to the supporting department from which the faculty member was paid for travel, the account number to which the travel was charged must also be an E&G account.
  • In the event of a co-authored paper where both authors are from UCF, funding will be provided to only one author. The co-author’s department chair/school director will decide which individual’s travel will be funded.
  • If the faculty member decides to drive to the travel destination in lieu of making airline reservations, documentation showing justification for this decision must be returned with receipts to Faculty Travel.
  • The application must be submitted by the dates indicated below:

Travel Completed
March 16, 20xx – March 15, 20xx

Application Due Dates
April 1, 20xx

Prompt submission of applications and supporting documents is encouraged and requested. It is recommended that all submissions be made promptly following the completion of travel. Do not wait until the deadline date of April 1 to send your information if travel is completed well in advance during the travel year of March 16, 20xx, to March 15, 20xx. Early submission and adherence to the deadline allows the committee to determine the demand on its budget in a timely manner. Late applications will not be accepted.

Completed applications should be submitted to the Office of Research and Commercialization, University Tower, 12201 Research Pkwy., Suite 501. Notice of the application status (whether or not an award was approved) will be sent to applicant’s department chair with a copy to the departmental contact listed on the application after the travel committee has taken action. The committee meets annually in April to make funding decisions for the prior year’s travel.


In order for a department to obtain reimbursement, the following must be submitted to Faculty Travel/ORC along with a completed application:

  • A 60-75 word abstract of the presentation
  • A letter of acceptance on the program or a copy of the program (highlight your presentation)
  • A copy of the travel reimbursement voucher with TAR# readable or proof of department p-card purchase if no reimbursement voucher is issued. E&G funds must have been used for these costs.
  • A copy of receipts for transportation costs only

The application for Funds to Support Faculty Travel and the above backup documents must be received on or before the specified deadline due date.

Ami Zuclich, Faculty Travel Coordinator

Ethics & Compliance

The ORC offers a variety of teams and tools to assure research conducted at UCF adheres with regulatory guidelines and meets the highest standards of responsible conduct. Please visit the ORC website for more information.

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