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  • Find the latest notes and tips for UCF Financials at Addy Notes
  • Departmental Authorization List (DAL)
    • Security is limited within PeopleSoft; therefore, certain staff members may not be able to purchase items on all accounts. You can view the DAL in PeopleSoft by logging into:
      • UCF Financials >> Click Department Authorization List >> Select DAL by Department >> Enter the Business unit of UCF01 >> Enter the department/project number >> Search
    • Review the list for the following:
      • AXA – Auxiliary Authorized – Able to purchase from on-campus vendors (except bookstore). They also have the ability to give written permission for anyone to purchase from on-campus vendors.
      • PRC – Purchasing Requisition Creator – Create ePRO requisitions
      • PRA – Purchasing Requisition Approver – Approve an ePRO requisition
      • PCA – Purchasing Card Approver – Approve Pcard charges
  • E&G (Education & General)
    • Operations (18xx-0001)
    • OPS (18xx-0074)
    • Carry Forward (18xx-0710)
  • Budget Transfer
    • There are two different methods of transferring funds that the university offers to colleges and departments.
      • First, there is a budget transfer. This process moves budget from one E&G department to another E&G department. A budget transfer with this method is done by COHPA’s budget coordinator. Please send an email to Jacquelyn Daigneault, copying Kerry Gajewski, with your transfer request that identifies which department numbers to use, the amount to be transferred and a brief description.
      • The second method is an Off-Line Journal Entry (ID Transfer). This method moves specific expenditures which can make budget available in another account. Please visit the Journal Resources page for any questions regarding this type of transfer.
        • When reimbursing (or moving charges) you will need to use the same account codes used in the original purchase/charge. Account codes can be verified by searching for the expenditure in Datamart. Also, here is a list of common account codes.


The UCF Foundation, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization that enhances UCF’s mission and vision through its many fundraising activities.

Through the foundation, private support has helped UCF establish itself as a major metropolitan university. Our donors have assisted in the growth of many university facilities and innovative research programs that accommodate UCF’s diverse student body.

The COHPA Budget Office will send out monthly Foundation Reports to department coordinators. Please contact Kerry Gajewski with any questions.

Please see the following memo for information regarding confidentiality of fundraising activities.

COHPA Foundation Contact – Sheri Stripling

Who can be paid out of Foundation? – Authorized Payment Types

Helpful tips for processing Foundation paperwork:

Procurement Card

The UCF procurement card program is designed to provide a more efficient means of making routine small and large dollar purchases, which allows more control at the department level, defrays travel expenses, and streamlines the procurement cycle. Cardholders can use the UCF procurement card to purchase allowable goods and services as long as departments follow all the required state and university regulations and guidelines.

Policy Change Regarding Sales Tax Paid in Error

UCF is exempt from sales tax in the state of Florida. Before making a PCard purchase, we recommend that the cardholder provide the merchant/vendor with a copy of UCF’s tax exemption card or advise the merchant/vendor of UCF’s exemption status and refer them to the university’s tax ID printed on the front of the card. If sales tax is charged in error, no effort should be made to recover it if the tax is less than $25. Sales tax charges of $25 or more must be recovered from the merchant/vendor who was paid for the purchase.


The Purchasing Department is to support the academic and administrative departments in the timely procurement of goods and services to sustain, foster, and promote the educational and research mission of the university. This shall be accomplished in the most ethical, efficient and courteous manner possible while adhering to the letter and intent of all applicable laws, regulations and policies.

Please visit the Purchasing Department website for further information about tools, forms, guidelines, and policies and procedures regarding purchases.

Travel Payables

All facets of travel are to be by the most efficient and economical means. Travel reimbursement vouchers are processed by Finance and Accounting (F&A) in compliance with Florida laws and the policies and procedures of UCF. Additional documentation and/or justification may be required to support reimbursement of expenses claimed. F&A may make positive or negative adjustments to reimbursement requests, as necessary, to comply with the applicable statutes, policies and procedures.

Vendor Payables

The following is required for creating a vendor profile:

  • A completed W-9 form:
    • Is manually signed and dated
    • Is dated within the calendar year
    • Includes either a social security number OR an employer identification number (not both)
    • Includes 9 digits for the social security number or employer identification number
    • Is legible
    • Is completed on the newer form (We can no longer accept W-9s on older forms.)
  • Telephone #
  • Fax # (This is not required for individuals set up with a social security number.)
  • Email address
  • Vendor contact

Send to:
Elida Prophete to create Vendor ID for company/corporation
– Jenna Cap via FAX at 2-1067 to create Vendor ID for individuals. Contact her at jenna.capp@ucf.edu.

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