Where can I find instructions on completing the USPS position description?
Where can I find the Hiring Document Checklist by Employment Type?

You may review the Hiring Document Checklist

Where can I find the Forms, Policies, Procedures, & Other Documents?

You may review them here

What is the procedure to hire an ADJUNCT?

The first step in hiring an Adjunct is to confirm funds in the department’s budget

E&G: approved by your area VP or college dean’s office.
C&G: contact the Office of Research & Commercialization

Position numbers are not assigned to these types of appointments

Hiring Package should include the following supporting materials:

A. Adjunct and Postdoctoral Hiring Checklist
B. Current résumé or curriculum vitae (CV)
C. Official transcript of highest degree.
D. Copy of completed and signed Adjunct Faculty Agreement and Applicant Affirmation forms.
E. Faculty Employment Certification–Form AA20.
F. Nomination and Appointment to Graduate Faculty and Graduate Faculty Scholars form (for adjuncts in graduate level)
G. Three documented telephone reference checks.
H. Criminal history background check.

You may review the complete Adjunct Hiring Guide

What is the procedure for FACULTY recruitment?

A. The first step in Faculty recruitment is to confirm funds in the department’s budget

E&G: approved by your area VP or college dean’s office.
C&G: contact the Office of Research & Commercialization

B. Request Position number assignment (for new positions):
5-digit number associated with the specific job or position vacancy. Position numbers for all budget entities (E&G, C&G, or auxiliary) can be obtained by contacting Vanessa Nixon- college dean’s office.

C. What is a Search and when is one required?
Complete a job or position vacancy via public announcement (“posting”). All faculty E&G positions, except for visiting non-renewable positions, must be posted for a minimum of 4 weeks. All other faculty positions may be posted for a minimum of 1 week.

A search is required for all UCF faculty positions unless specifically exempted.*For exemption categories go to: www.eeo.ucf.edu/forms.html

D. Where do I post a position?

Who is eligible to post positions?
Only one person in your department should have the access to post positions. Check with the Coordinator or Administrative Services in your Department.

How do I get access to post positions?
1. Request an account. Your request will be submitted on-line to Recruitment for approval.

2. Complete the Online Security Access Form

3. Complete the Interviewer Certification Training.

E. What are the guidelines for a search committee?
The guidelines are available at www.eeo.ucf.edu

Selection and Employment Agreement

F. When can I make an offer of employment?
Official faculty offers can be made only by the Provost and Executive Vice President or direct designee

G. When can the hiring official request an Employment Agreement?
Departments may complete an Employment Agreement form as soon as a search has been completed. Send form to Vanessa Nixon.

1. Where is the Employment Agreement Form?
There are two different forms, one for Adjuncts and one for Faculty (Under the “Recruitment and Employment” section): http://provost.ucf.edu/forms-policies-and-procedures/

NOTE: For E&G, complete E&G Salary Commitment Form (Under the “Budget-Related” section): http://provost.ucf.edu/forms-policies-and-procedures/
**Send both forms to Vanessa Nixon for processing and approval.

2. Who approves the Employment Agreement and Salary Commitment Forms?
E&G hires are approved by Academic Affairs. C&G hires are approved by ORC (Office of Research & Commercialization).

How to gain UCF Financials Access?

There are three requirements for access to UCF Financials. Complete them in the following sequence:

Complete the required training appropriate to your role as a Financials system user. Click here to view.

Complete and submit an Ethics and Purchasing Certification form. Click here for the form.

Ask your department’s Responsible Fiscal Officer (RFO) to create one or more Departmental Authorization List (DAL) requests that provide access to UCF Financials and authorize specific financial responsibilities for you.

How to gain ePAF access?

Before departments can begin using the ePAF system, security must be granted. To obtain ePAF security, departments and colleges must submit a HR Security Request eform. Departments and colleges can refer to the instructions for submitting, Initiating a Security Request Document, and/or approving the HR Security request eform, Approving a Security Request Document.

When identifying Originators and Approvers, please ensure that your department has both an Originator and Approver back-up in the event that an Approver or Originator is out of the office. This helps to streamline the ePAF process, and ensures that ePAFs are created and approved in a timely manner.

User Access Types

ePAF Originator:
The Originator will use the ePAF forms to initiate various HR actions. Originator access is designated by the VP/Dean of each college or department.

ePAF Director/Chair Approver (optional):
The Director/Chair Approver is an optional role; however, colleges or departments may assign a Director/Chair Approver role, if desired.

VP/Dean Approvers:
The VP/Dean Approver is a required role in the ePAF Workflow.

Workflow Approvers:
After ePAFs receive approval from the VP/Deans and Director/Chairs, the forms go through the appropriate workflow Approvers. Workflow Approvers are Regional Campus, ORC Compliance, Graduate Studies, Academic Affairs, HR – Compensation, HR – NRA, and HR – Records

ePAF Training

ePAF Originator Training (PAF002):
The ePAF Originator Training is an Instructor-lead training. To register, please follow the instructions below titled: Training Registration Instructions. Approvers are not required to attend the Instructor-lead ePAF Originator Training, but may do so if desired.

ePAF Approver Training (PAF003):
The ePAF Approver Training is an online course completed via WebCourses. All Approvers (Director/Chair, VP/Dean, or UCF Workflow Approver) are required to register for this course via the UCF Portal. To register, please follow the instructions below titled: Training Registration Instructions.

PeopleSoft SA/HR Basic Navigation Course (PSC001):
Employees new to UCF seeking ePAF security may also need to complete PeopleSoft SA/HR Basic Navigation course in addition to, and before, completing any of the ePAF

Training Registration Instructions

Registration for all training offered by Human Resources is completed via the myUCF portal. To use the interactive system, go to https://my.ucf.edu/ and follow these simple steps:

1. Log on to the myUCF portal using your PID and myUCF password
2. On the myUCF Menu, select Employee Self Service
3. Select Learning and Development
4. Select Request Training Enrollment
5. Choose one of the four search methods to continue the enrollment process

Does a preliminary compensation analysis allow for a quicker turnaround time?

Yes, a preliminary analysis allows for a quicker turnaround time for official compensation action requests for both ePAF and A&P and USPS new hires (PeopleAdmin). Colleges and departments are able to request a preliminary analysis for any compensation action prior to the official compensation action request. This allows hiring officials to determine the classification and salary that will be recommended to an employee or candidate in advance. If you wish to request a preliminary analysis for a compensation action, please email Compensation at comp@ucf.edu.

Can you purchase fuel with a PCard?

Yes, UCF now allows procurement card (PCard) holders to purchase gasoline or fuel for state vehicles and rental cars. Although UCF is a tax-exempt entity, PCards, unlike Voyager cards, do not calculate the tax portion of a fuel or gas purchase, and departments are responsible for paying the taxes.

For a purchase to be approved, you must submit the following information to the PCard administrator at PCard@ucf.edu.

State Vehicles: The tag number and the last five digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) must be put in the description of the PCard transaction for the charge to be approved and must be included in the receipt submitted with the PCard transaction.

Rental Vehicles: The rental agreement number must be included in the description of the PCard transaction for the charge to be approved.

Submission of gasoline/fuel receipts is mandatory. They are critical to the PCard program. Gasoline/fuel receipts must be obtained from the vendor for all PCard purchases to allow the PCard administration, university, and state auditors to verify and audit charges to ensure that they comply with university and state policies, rules, and statutes.

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