Department Phone # Name
Finance & Accounting 407-882-1000 Main Office
Procurement Card (PCard) 407-882-1044 Taneisha Ralph
PCard 407-882-1086 Scott Sedlak
Travel Payables 407-882-1103 Lynsey Graham
Vendor Payables
*See table below for who to contact
407-882-1082 Laura Crouch
Vendor Names Begin with: Phone # Accountant
E, L, N, T, Y, Z, #, Contracts & Subcontracts, Petty Cash 407‐882‐1034 Roshelly Hope
F, S, Contracts & Subcontracts 407‐882‐1088 Brittaney Sottile
D, H, I, K, P, Q, V, W 407‐882‐1084 Etelka Palmer
PCard Approval, Voucher Approval 407‐882‐1002 Holly Terpos
PCard vendors, Match Exception, Overrides, Asset Management/Corrections, Voucher Approval 407‐882‐1058 Linda Baker
A, O 407‐882‐1087 Dave Poto
B, X, Food, Utilities, Stipends 407‐882‐1036 Joe Beissner
J, M, Construction, Refunds, DOPO, Recurring Contracts, Check Count 407‐882‐1004 Margarita Santiago
C,R, U, PCard Vendors, Wires 407‐882‐1038 Jasmin Johnson
Staff Listing Financial Reporting & General Accounting: Phone # Name
Assoiate Controller 407-882-1094 Tera Alcala
Assoiate Controller 407-882-1005 Brad Hodum
Assoiate Controller 407-882-1022 Wilson Rosario
Assoiate Controller 407-823-0818 Misty Sheperd
Coordinator, Accounting 407-882-1061 Ann Boutros
Coordinator, Accounting 407-882-1075 Albert “Bert” Francis
Coordinator, Accounting 407-882-1026 Jessica Scheck
Coordinator, Accounting 407-882-2236 Meghan Sutter
Senior Accountant 407-882-1060 Marguerite Lachaud
Senior Accountant 407-823-3093 Andrea Smith-Brown
Accountant 407-882-1053 Tuyet-Anh Nguyen

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